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Youtube allows you to slice your market the way you want, by industry, size, interest or title. That's a lot of angles to drive business growth. Only Motionly Digital to access all these strategies.

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A unique look at the YouTube process

Our YouTube agency leverages the power of Google targeting, SEO and over a decade of social media expertise to drive business growth on the small screen

Step 1

Smart Targeting

Even though 50% of online users are on YouTube, we can't promise that they'll all be looking at you. In Motionly Digital, our campaigns target those most likely to engage, convert and return, so your investment in each person is an opportunity to generate revenue.

Step 2

Dedicated strategist

A YouTube marketing strategy doesn't involve uploading images and crossing your fingers for the best. The team at Motionly Digital plans for results - tunes your dashboard to ensure your videos are performing effectively to drive real leads and conversions.

Step 3

SEO integration

Search engine optimization (SEO) is also very important for Video Tube. Our team understands how to optimize the content on your channel using keywords, hashtags, titles, tagging and descriptions to help your brand rank high on YouTube charts.

Step 4

Shrewd measuring

To grow is to know how your sales are performing. But not all metrics make a radical difference to your results. That’s why, through tried and tested approaches, we define those most likely to make an impact, track that data and ensure it delivers the growth we forecast.

We'll display the best YouTube candidates for your business.

YouTube: Small screen, big business.

With millions of members in Turkey, many things can be obtained on Youtube. If your company is not on youtube, it has become impossible, and as Motionly Digital, we provide you with it.

YouTube marketing FAQs

We answer a few of the more common questions around LinkedIn marketing. Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered here? Just give us a call.

YouTube advertising is run through the powerful and expansive  Google Ads platform. This includes video advertising that could appear at the beginning, middle or end of relevant content but it also includes banner and other static ads (overlaid across the footage). This technique allows advertisers to potentially reach a relevant audience all across the globe.

While advertising is the primary means of revenue for the platform, it is also a way for content creators to get paid as well. A portion of all advertising is paid back to content creators, which helps them grow and improve their channel. It also means YouTube is able to improve their own features regularly – and that’s a win-win. 

The sheer scale of YouTube means you are reaching an audience of two billion, logged-in users every single month. Using video marketing is also highly effective as more than 80 per cent of all consumers are likely to purchase a product from a brand after seeing their video advertising.

Because advertising campaigns are run through Google ads, it is an extremely versatile process and you can set your own objectives and tailor your audience (even by creating matching or lookalike audiences from your website traffic). That makes this platform extremely effective for both B2B and B2C campaigns.

YouTube is one of the best channels for marketing because it is a pure video platform. Video presents a number of opportunities for advertising as it helps you engage with your audience, build your personality and also create rapport and relationships with your potential clients. Having real people from your company and the community in your content helps engender trust and your audience is more likely to take action. It is also an extremely strong remarketing tool to constantly have your brand in the minds of your potential customers.

YouTube has had the full support of Google Ads since 2017 which means you can easily create content and have it reach a wider audience, including mobile users. There are four different kinds of ads on YouTube:

  1. TrueView ads: The standard video ads that are embedded before, during or after content. You only pay if a viewer watches it entirely or clicks on the ad.
  2. Video discovery ads: Related videos that appear on the YouTube homepage and search results pages
  3. TrueView in-stream ads: These allow you to have clickable calls to action on the screen as well and;
  4. Display advertising: Clickable overlays that appear over the top of the video content.

Google statistics show that viewers that watch YouTube ads to completion are 23 times more likely to take action. This could include subscribing to your channel, visit your channel or site, watch more videos or make a purchase. Even those that don’t watch the videos to completion are 10 times more likely to take action, so it is highly effective.

You will need two things to get started: a YouTube account and a Google Ads account (and the two need to be linked). Then you can upload video content to your YouTube account and configure your marketing campaigns in Google Ads, quickly and simply. The trick is knowing how to implement a strategy – something we can help you get the ball rolling on.

Everything is housed in Google Ads which is simple to use and intuitive. Simply click “create a campaign” on the dashboard and you will be guided through the process, allowing you to choose your goals and objectives to get the best possible results for your business.

You can get started for around $10 a day and you only pay when people actually choose to watch your ad or click on the call to action. This can be scaled up as you know they are effective to get wider reach and more results.

You can get started for around $10 a day and you only pay when people actually choose to watch your ad or click on the call to action. This can be scaled up as you know they are effective to get wider reach and more results.

While clicks and sales are important, what you are mostly going to achieve through YouTube is brand awareness. This is your platform to give your brand a personality and highlight the people in your company which is going to make consumers more likely to trust and like your brand.

There are four key benefits to advertising with YouTube including:

  1. Connecting with your audience: Be unique, memorable and create a brand personality
  2. The right reach: You can target your audience by topics, keywords and demographics to ensure you are reaching the right people
  3. Speed: It is an extremely fast and easy process to get started and;
  4. Metrics: Google provides you with all of the tools and data you need to measure your success and make changes as you need to.

Get more hits on your business.

Our expert LinkedIn advertising consultants are waiting to show you how to connect, engage and build your brand using the power of this critical platform. At Motionly Digital, we don’t just promise results – we guarantee them.

When you Motionly Digital for our LinkedIn experts, our first point of call will be to create a free, tailored X-Chart. Not just a marketing agency tactic, it’s our guaranteed forecast for the sales you can expect in the next 3, 6 and 12 months. That’s right – guaranteed.

After a decade delivering results in LinkedIn advertising and all aspects of social media marketing, we know how to work the platform to get you the revenue we forecast. All it takes is a complimentary 30 minute consultation for our expert team to get under the hood of your business. And you’ll know exactly how our services can amplify your sales.

Our digital marketing experts use your X-Chart as a roadmap to chart your future success. Whether you want 2x your current sales, 5x the SEO ranking, 10x the ROI or 15x more leads, your X-Chart will tell you what you can expect.

It’s free and it’s yours following a short consultation with our expert LinkedIn marketing. team. With the help of an X-Chart, we’ve guaranteed results for our happy clients, and we guarantee success for yours. There’s nothing to lose but time. We’ll show you what a small, medium or larger investment can deliver, and we work to your budget. Call our LinkedIn marketing Ankara team so they can get to work for your business.

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