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Capture better buyers with our e-commerce process.

Let's go shopping. Motionly Digital's simple process makes it easy for e-commerce marketers to build databases, engage with new audiences, and convert visitors.

Step 1


Our growth experts will work with you to select the right sales pages for your brand and needs. You want a store that is simple to set up and maintain, easy for shoppers to navigate, mobile-friendly, and has fast technical support.

Step 2

Strategy Development

Experts in Motionly Digital increase your profits from your existing markets. We will create a plan to optimize SEO on your landing pages and make your brand more visible in search engines. We convert visitors through impressive design and copying.

Step 3

Refer customers

Sale time. There are a number of digital marketing spells designed to bring targeted traffic to your page. But the best part is, we use innovative landing page best practices to ensure they turn into profitable sales.

Step 4

Optimize plan

At Motionly Digital, we've helped businesses and national brands leverage the power of their landing pages. We monitor the results with an implemented strategy and ensure longevity by making transformation-oriented changes when necessary.

Landing page optimization is guaranteed with Motionly Digital.

Our amazing landing page design experts ensure your page is optimized from the ground up. Optimized for mobile, optimized to inspire specific action, and optimized to drive more sales.

Watch sales soar with our amazing landing pages.

A comprehensive website is ideal for educating potential customers about your brand and business. But when you have a certain action you want them to take, a simple, single landing page inspires them to do just that.

At Motionly Digital, we specialize in creating designs that make it easy for visitors to take action. When we link your Google Ads to this page, we create a powerful opportunity to engage and convert them right then and there.

Landing pages FAQs

We answer a few of the more common questions around landing pages. Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered here? Just give us a call.

A landing page is a URL housed on your website that is specifically designed to convert visitors into leads.

Most landing pages are used as a destination link in paid advertising and marketing collateral, as well as on social media platforms and marketing emails, to encourage visitors to make an action. 

This action could be to make a purchase, input their contact details into a webform or something else that nudges the visitor further down your purchase funnel. 

Your landing page design is a super important component of the entire landing page optimisation process. A well-designed landing page will greatly help encourage visitors to make these actions and convert. 

Think of a landing page as the modern day version of a direct marketing mailer you once would find in your letterbox. The ugly ones would go straight into the bin. The appealing and well designed letters would get your attention. A landing page is no different, and function in a similar way, albeit on a screen.

These marketing tools are different from your normal website, blog, social media accounts and the like, mostly because they serve a singular purpose. They engage your customer on an individual and personal level, all in a bid to get them to take action resulting in a lead or a purchase. Because of their simple design and single purpose, they are highly effective at achieving this goal.

First and foremost, it’s really important to keep your effective landing page simple. They need to have an attractive and straightforward design, and have a very single-minded message.

Some of the elements you should include for landing page optimisation are:

  • A clear headline and subheading with reinforcing statements that make the offer visible; 

  • A strong, relevant hero image; 

  • Concise key points;

  • Any valuable information;

  • White space;

  • Bright colors;

  • Optimisation for mobile devices;

  • Contact info;

  • Benefits and social proof to build trust

  • And finally, a clear call to action.

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway, please ensure that your landing page is responsive and mobile-friendly.

When it comes to landing page development, always keep in mind that in order to create designs that convert, you need to go beyond the simple aesthetics of looking good. You actually need to deliver something that your potential customers actually want. By keeping the layout simple and the message clear, you will get better conversion rates because consumers will already be interested in what you have to offer and be more likely to take action.

Also, ensure that your landing page layout resembles whatever led them there in the first place. Be it a paid ad, an email, a social post. If the landing page concept, colours, tone of voice and imagery is at odds with the look and feel of the communication that brought them there, they might feel to the site visitor that they’re in the wrong place.

Other things that make for great landing page examples:

  • Visual simplicity

  • Colours and images that mimic the brand and the ad that led visitors there

  • Minimal copy

  • To-the-point headlines

  • Minimal user-focused fields

  • Clear and obvious CTA

Aside from generating your business more leads and more conversions, a landing page is a really  good SEO tool and can help you boost your website’s ranking in Google searches. 

They are ideal for promoting sales or new items or services you are offering as well. An optimised landing page can also create a clear funnel and shortened user journey, which makes the buying experience simple for your customers.

Furthermore, great landing pages are an excellent way of directly targeting content to a unique, new or specific audience.

And finally, great landing pages are an excellent way to test and learn through the valuable data they can provide for your team. Without messing with your company website, you can strategise, launch and implement new projects in a closed ecosystem that acts as an excellent R&D environment that can easily be scaled up when success is found.

A home page is the entry point to your website that a visitor first arrives at, to then (generally speaking) navigate to other destinations on your site. Home pages have a broad range of objectives, like branding, awareness, and directing traffic. A bit like a restaurant menu. 

On the other hand, a landing page is the destination and doesn’t lead visitors to other pages. It has a specific focus and objective that keeps its navigation to a minimum, for example a specific offer or deal. More like the specials board at the restaurant.

Optimising the design of your landing pages is vital for success. Ensure your headlines clearly introduce visitors to your offer and offer value to them. Ensure your hero message is clean and clear and reinforces your product or service offering. Also, double-check that these landing pages are aligned with the original advertising and marketing material that people are clicking on to reach them.

Great landing pages for lead generation always keep the user in mind. Are their needs being met? Are their expectations being serviced? And are they likely to follow the steps down the funnel to a conversion the way our page has been designed?

Finally, it’s always wise to incorporate into your design a value exchange. What does the user get in return for their personal information, their time, or their money? And does that value exchange feel enticing enough to generate the number of leads the campaign set out to in the beginning?

PPC stands for pay-per-click and this kind of acquisition landing page is specifically designed to be used in tandem with Google Ads. When people click on your Google Ads they will be taken to these pages so you need to ensure the messaging and branding is aligned so you are being clear and that people are more likely to take action.

When considering a  PPC  landing page concepts, one size fits one. It is not the time to be generic, with a blanket message that is aimed at every person and their dog. The most effective campaigns create bespoke landing pages for each ad campaign that is designed to specifically speak to the person your Google Ad is targeting.

Directing visitors to your website can be confusing and is less likely to get them to make a specific action. Your website contains lots of information and they may need to click several times to reach a point where they become a conversion. So that means you will likely have a lot of site visitors drop out before they convert. Linking landing pages to PPC ads makes it much clearer and easier for your visitors to act.

Consider someone who has typed a term into Google because they are looking for something hyper-specific. Then imagine that your PPC ad is served to them next to their search results. If they then link your ad and are taken straight to your landing page that sells the very thing they searched for, they are far less likely to drop out at that point, because the journey has been so short and direct.

They are neat and simple, delivering the message clearly and presenting a clear call to action to encourage conversions. They should look similar to the source ad that visitors click on while also being in line with your branding and website aesthetics. They should be short, sharp and to the point and the images should be engaging and relevant.

They all should have;

  • Messaging to match the Google search.

  • Tailored variations for different audiences.

  • Simple layouts. Single column is ideal.

  • Minimal copy, and other elements. Less is more.

  • High quality visuals, not irrelevant or familiar stock.

  • An obvious value proposition. Don’t hide the good stuff.

  • Signifiers of trust in the shape of awards, endorsements, certifications etc

A web design agency is going to take the hard work out of your landing pages. Because they are creating your advertising and marketing collateral, they can easily use these materials, assets and knowledge of your business for your pages too. 

This is always advised because this kind of consistency will ensure that your brand, your advertising and your landing pages are all aligned. It will save you hours and deliver better results than if you try and do it yourself without the necessary expertise and resources.

Landing page optimization strategies will ensure that your page converts an unfair share of visitors. At Motionly Digital, we can help you ensure your call to action is the hero of your landing page. A CTA that’s front and center, not hidden off to the side or squashed down the bottom, will result in loads more clicks. 

We’ll also help you stick with the strongest and most direct conversion language in those CTAs, like subscribe, sign up, buy now or join, to make it abundantly clear what your offering is. While this might seem like a no brainer, it’s the very basics that when working together, optimize a page’s efficacy. 

Finally, simplicity is the name of the game, keeping things simple will reap more rewards than a cluttered and confusing page, every single time.

In a word, yes. A creative landing page is an excellent way to increase traffic, boost your SEO, build your brand awareness and convert on a specific action. 

As a marketing tool, landing pages are different from your normal website, blog site or social media accounts, mostly because they serve a singular purpose. They engage your customer on an individual and personal level, all in a bid to get them to take a specific action resulting in a lead or a purchase. 

Because of their simple design and single purpose, the best landing pages are highly effective at achieving this goal.

Create great landing pages with our design tools

So you’re thinking about a landing page. Well, lucky for you, you’ve landed in the right place. At Motionly Digital, we’ve been building these for longer than we can remember, which means we know a thing or two about how to make them convert.

Whether you’re in need of a great landing page, an acquisition-based design or you’re in need of some optimisation, a simple 30-minute consultation with the experts at Motıonly can have your business on its way to growth, guaranteed. How? Through our X-chart.

A Motıonly 

X-Chart shows you the sales we forecast for your business over 3, 6 and 12 month periods. Based on your business and your needs, we’ll put together a tailored sales forecast that we can guarantee, from landing pages that perform. 

When designing landing page examples for any new client, we start with the ‘why’. Why do you need your own landing page? What is its function, role, and desired outcome?

After that initial consultation, we gain a thorough understanding of your needs. Followed by a quick consultation with our X-Chart for desired outcomes, we can then get to work.

The difference between a high-performing concept and one that is delivering sub-par is in the planning and digital marketing strategy phase. The key attributes to this are:

  • Alignment on the purpose and strategy

  • A clean, clear landing page examples

  • Simple and relevant imagery 

  • Straightforward and direct headings and copy (even just a few words)

  • An obvious and direct CTA/offer

  • An understanding of the needs of different users/audiences

  • The brand’s personality is on display

  • It’s engaging

  • There’s no mystery about what you should do next

  • The fewer steps/clicks, the better.

The other thing to consider is that a landing page should be considered as a continually evolving destination and not a poster you pin-up and leave. A page, no matter how well it is performing, can always be optimised, can always be refined and can always be updated to better serve the needs of those who visit it.

When it comes to building your landing page, the rest of your marketing plan should be kept in mind. If your landing page is one cog in your marketing machine, consider how you can give it the greatest chance of success. 

To start with, the build should heavily include your brand’s design elements, tone of voice and language. We don’t want visitors to have any doubts whatsoever, that they’ve landed in the wrong place. Consistent use of your brand’s existing verbal and visual language will build trust and create confidence in your web traffic, that they’ve clicked on the right link and that they should continue the journey they’re on. 

The first thing your visitors see needs to not only reassure them that they’re where they wanted to be, but it also has to capture their attention. We have a matter of seconds to visually lure them into the landing page, so the choice of visuals and headings are crucial. They need to be on-brand, informative and link back to the visuals and the copy from the ad that drove that traffic to where they are now. Here, we’ll also ensure all images are of the appropriate size, compressed to load quickly but not at the expense of pixel clarity. Optimised for mobile to ensure any screen size is seeing the landing page as they should and ensuring our audience feels like we understand their user behaviour and browsing habits. Again, building confidence and trust that they’re exactly where they should be, with a design that’s made for them.

If your landing page is the main destination of your online marketing campaign, and you’ve invested large sums of money in said campaign, you’d better ensure it’s delivering ROI. Landing page optimisation (LPO) is how Motionly Digital can help you ensure that your landing page is converting as many page visitors as possible. 

Commonly, we’ll engage in A/B testing of landing pages to ascertain which tweaks and improvements are delivering the greatest conversion. Some of the areas we might test include:

  1. A reduction in the number of actions on the landing page. By removing navigation elements and simplifying the design, does that enhance or hinder the conversion process?

  2. Headline copy. Do any slight tweaks in the way our value proposition is articulated, move the needle of conversion?

  3. Align with ad messaging. Can we better align the landing page copy to that of the ad that drove the traffic there?

  4. Build more trust. Do testimonials, awards, reviews, partner logos or any other credible visuals add legitimacy to our landing page and prevent visitors from dropping off?

  5. Vary the offer. Does a slightly different off or data capture request result in visitors more willingly engaging with our CTA?

  6. Reduce load time. What is the very fastest our page can load while still carrying all the most important visuals and information?

  7. Consider SEO. Google isn’t a huge fan of gated content. So it’s helpful to expose your landing page content to search engines via your other online touchpoints, such as your blog or home page, and capture leads with exit intent pop-up software to prevent site bounces.

Of course, A/B testing is just the beginning of our LPO offering. At Motionly Digital, we also use a range of LPO tools that are designed to measure, diagnose, tweak and optimise your landing page performance. After all the effort that has gone into the strategy, design and build of your landing page, it’s a shame to see it go to waste when bounce rates climb for reasons unknown. Here are some of the common LPO tools we might use to increase your landing page conversion rate, lower your cost per acquisition, and build your landing page ROI:

  1. HubSpot

  2. HotJar

  3. Google Analytics

  4. Google Optimize

  5. Instapage


  7. Leadpages

  8. Fullstory

  9. Qualaroo

  10. Unbounce

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