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Process simplification for streamlined enterprise SEO solutions.

SEO for large businesses doesn't have to be complicated. At Motionly Digital, we've simplified the process to offer a proven strategy that's guaranteed to keep you on top.

Step 1

Dedicated to Experts

We understand that large businesses have significant SEO needs to enable greater complexity, volume of traffic, and potential scale of impact. At Motionly Digital, we dedicate a team of corporate SEO consultants to your business who truly understand your demands.

Step 2

Develop an SEO Strategy

Even the biggest companies can get SEO wrong. We will implement an effective strategy that Google deems appropriate to help you achieve a better result with your marketing investment and gain a competitive advantage online.

Step 3

Run Campaign

More than keywords. When we create your SEO strategy, we'll ask how we can deliver more for your business. SEO can work with free services like content creation to connect you with your target audience, from search to marketing.

Step 4

Review and Improvement

Nothing in our strategy is determined and forgotten. Our campaigns track your competitor's SEO activity and offer response strategies to keep you in the top positions. Plus, our detailed monthly analytics and reports will show your progress and organic traffic for your business.

Our corporate SEO strategy will keep you at the forefront.

Arrange an SEO consultation and one of our SEO digital strategists can talk to you about how we work and how effective good SEO can be for your business, how easy it is to align an effective SEO campaign with your current digital strategy, and how many times. You can expect your online marketing to be better.

Simplified process for streamlined enterprise SEO solutions.

Our SEO strategies will keep you at the forefront.

Set up a consultation with our experienced digital marketing team to achieve better results for your business than you thought possible.

We will integrate our corporate SEO solutions and campaign into your existing digital strategy to accelerate your efforts and achieve real results.

SEO Audit FAQs

We answer a few of the more common questions regarding technical SEO auditing. Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered, just give us a call

You want your website to appear at the top of as many Google searches as possible. SEO auditing is the process of analysing your website’s health and how it is ranking with Google and other search engines. These analytics can then be used to improve your SEO strategies and appear at the top of more searches.

This is a similar practice to SEO auditing except it focuses purely on the content you are producing on your website. This is a check to ensure the content is aligned with your marketing goals and brand objectives as well as lining up to what your existing and potential customers value or need. 

An audit is the complete evaluation of a website that results in a grade on its ability to rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). It involves a comprehensive checklist of all the organic search components required to be successful and how the website is performing in each of these categories.

Like most businesses, you probably want your website to appear at the top of as many Google searches as possible. Performing an assessment can help you refine and improve your SEO strategy to enhance your ROI.  

Let’s never forget, your site’s SEO is not a set and forget process. You need to conduct regular audits (at least annually) to ensure your strategy is still relevant and functional. For example, you may find that some of your links are broken or that there are errors in your code. You may also find that you need to clean up your sitemap, check your redirects, or review your technologies. Here is a list of some other things you may want to consider when auditing your website’s optimisation for search engines:

  • Benchmarking your rankings and analysing competitors
  • Checking for duplicate versions of your site in Google’s index
  • Checking your site’s indexed URLs
  • Checking internal and external links
  • Assessing each blog post and landing pages
  • Looking at how many links are pointing to your site
  • Analysing your site’s speed
  • Confirming your site uses HTTPS
  • Checking for ‘mobile-friendliness’

While your content and on-page SEO is highly important, how your website is functioning and performing is also vital when it comes to Google rankings. Technical SEO auditing inspects all of the behind-the-scenes elements like site speed and mobile performance to ensure everything is running efficiently and is more likely to be scored highly by Google’s web crawlers. Here are some of the things you’ll need to do to complete your search traffic assessment:

1. Crawl your website

Tools like Semrush, DeepCrawl and Spyfu are really handy when it comes to looking for errors, broken links, and duplicate pages.

2. Review your sitemap

Having a logical and organised sitemap is essential for helping Google and other search engines understand the overall structure of your site.

 3. Test your site’s speed

Nobody likes a slow website, so if yours is running under par (taking longer than five seconds to load), make sure you find some ways to speed it up.

 4. Audit your backlinks

These help Google understand how valuable your content is, so if they’re not working properly, you’re unlikely to rank highly on results pages.

This is a highly specialised and complex process. While it can be performed by your team in house, there is no one audit template that covers everything. So, for the best possible results, it is always better to outsource this to a specialist agency that focuses purely on SEO. They’ll be able to help you find all the little gaps in your strategy and advise you on how to get even better results. 

At Motionly Digital, we have acquired years and years of combined experience in the SEO space, making us one of the most knowledgeable and skilled SEO auditing agencies in Ankara.

Enlisting the services of an SEO agency is going to deliver the best results in the shortest time frame. While it’s true that you can use an on-page checklist to do an audit yourself, these are rarely comprehensive and are more of a guide than gospel.

Like we’ve said before, there is no ‘SEO link audit’ or ‘ecommerce audit’ template that covers everything. Yes, you can perform a basic free audit yourself or online to identify major gaps or errors, but to find all of those little wins you are best served by an seo agency

Every single aspect of your website – on-page and under the hood – should be analysed during an SEO audit. This includes (but is not limited to) your site’s content structure, URL structure, keyword use, metadata, schema, the user experience, all content including copy, images, and video, internal and external linking, your sitemap, and all your technical SEO as well.

At Motionly Digital, we have conducted many audits, so we have a solid understanding of what’s what, including timeframes, costs, and requirements. Why not give us a call today to see how we can help? You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference we can make to your current SEO performance.

Plus, because we are so experienced, we can get the job done in less than half the time it would take for anyone else, which means you’ll start enjoying the many benefits on offer, sooner rather than later.

The obvious answer is that it improves your ability to appear highly in Google searches. Research tells us that the higher you rank the more likely it is that users will trust your business and convert to your products and services.

However, that is not the only reason to perform an assessment. There are actually lots of benefits that might not immediately seem clear, including:  

  • The prevention of spam
  • Enabling better data protection
  • Improving the user experience
  • Increased loading speed
  • An optimised mobile experience

Give Motıonly dıgıtal a call today to find out how an audit conducted by our expert team could improve your organic search today and long into the future.

This is a complete list of elements of your website that need to be analysed in the audit. This checklist is not something a beginner can put together and needs to be comprehensive, including all of the site and technical aspects of your website that need to be audited so you can improve on them.

Without a doubt, we recommend enlisting an agency like Motionly Digital to handle this for you, as it gets very complicated very quickly. And most untrained people don’t even know what they don’t know, which leaves your business extremely vulnerable to underperforming in a vital area of digital strategy.

The rate of a consultation in Turkey ranges from $60 to $180 per hour. The return on investment you will get, though, will usually mean that you are not incurring a loss by bringing in an SEO expert. Check their reviews and ratings and evaluate their experience before settling on an SEO consultant to ensure you are getting the right option for your business. 

At Motıonly Dıgıtal, we have an excellent track record for transforming our clients’ SEO operations. Our team features some of the best consultants in Ankara and they are all on-hand and ready to help your business today.

There are a number of tools that can give you rolling updates on the health of your website and even give you insights into competition websites, including:

  • SEMrush
  • Woorank
  • Raventools
  • Moz
  • WebCEO
  • SpyFu
  • SEO Site Checkup
  • SEOptimer
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console.

These tools should be used to complement your regular SEO audits, though, not to replace them.

SEO is a highly complex process, especially when it comes to the technical SEO side of things. There is a lot to cover off and there are certain signals to look for that the experts will be able to detect much more effectively than in-house operations. You will get a thorough audit with solid strategies that are going to improve your standing in Google searches.

Audit your SEO and grow

How is your business website tracking right now? Do you have any broken links? Are all the pages being seen by the search engines? There are so many questions to ask, and they’re all answered with a free audit. What is the importance of an SEO audit? Little glitches could be costing you money. Besides, it’s good business sense to audit your site regularly. How to perform an SEO audit for website? Call Motionly Digital, and we’ll get the ball rolling and do one for you. And it will cost you nothing. And once you’ve fixed all the problems from one of our free SEO audits, you should see where you can do even more and grow your business with a Motionly Digital X-Chart.

So once your audit is done and we’ve fixed everything we can with your search engines strategy, we can look at growing your business even further. 

Just fixing your SEO with what we found during your audit will deliver great results, but what we find when we put together your X-Chart, will inspire even better. 

With an X-Chart, we can show you what we can do when you invest in SEO for your business’s website. And it’s not just numbers plucked from the sky, the growth you see on your X-Chart is growth that we guarantee. True. We stick to it, every step of the way. 

We’ll tell how much attention you can get, more about your audiences, how many clicks will roll in, and how much you can profit. It’s your next step to SEO success, all you need to do is choose how far you want to take it. 

So you know how much an SEO audit can help improve your online business performance. There’s usually a few simple things we can find out to do with your website that can lead to instant jumps in traffic. 

You also know that it’s important to get your website on the first page of search, because, well, when was the last time you scrolled past the second page of a Google search? Never? 

Sure, a site audit will give you an overall review of the nuts and bolts of your website, and will give you a good idea of what needs to be fixed now, but that’s just the beginning. You’ll want to know more. 

This is where your X-Chart comes in with the answers. This is where you find out how your message can get out there and be on top of rankings to grow your business even further. 

At Motionly Digital, we know what’s needed for your business to play with the big brands here and overseas. It’s all about how smart you are with your investment.

Just how much do you have to invest, and what do you get from it? Find out when we put together your Motionly Digital X-Chart. 

Your X-Chart will tell you how we can improve your business’s web presence, and how much you can expect to invest to do that. We see what you’re doing now and then see how we can help you grow it. 

Success is guaranteed. You just tell us how far you want us to take it. And it’s all sorted in three different trajectories. Let’s have a look at them.

Trajectory one

With just a bit of investment we can guarantee instant results. At this low level, we use Google SEO for website to bring in more leads. All SEO traffic will rise, and it will be a great tasted of what’s possible when you ask experts to help you with your SEO.

Trajectory two

With more investment, with upgraded SEO packages Turkey, Motionly Digital can guarantee an even better improvement in your search engine rankings. More clicks come in from local, national and international customers, and more people fill their baskets. It’s a great step for online success but you do know that we can take it even higher with more investment. 

Trajectory three

This shows the success we guarantee when you use all the bells and whistles to bring your business to the top faster and longer. It’s the ultimate investment, and when you ask us at Motionly Digital, you know you can trust the best SEO agency in Turkey to bring excellent value to your investment. 

When you invest all you can, you can get amazing results with Motionly Digital. No need to think of it as expensive because you’ll see the results are more than worth it. It’s the trajectory we guarantee when our experts pull all the stops to tune your SEO to outperform your competitors on the world stage. 

This is when you trust the power of Motionly Digital, Turkey’s best SEO agency. And the good news is that all the results you see on the X-Chart are guaranteed. 

We know that technical SEO agencies make a lot of promises, and at Motionly Digital, we stick by every single one of them. Not only the forecasts you see on your X-Chart are accurate, but the service you get when you ask us to take on your challenge is transparent, every step of the way. 

The X-Chart came about because our clients told us that their other agencies were a bit wishy washy about what results they could guarantee. 

But they’ve told us that when they deal with us, they know exactly what they’re going to get, who’s going to handle their account and what results they expect. 

Look at our case studies, and you’ll see that we’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, from corner shops to some of Turkey’s biggest brands. What brings our clients together, is that they keep coming back to us for their audit and needs for tackling search engines. 

We just get it. We rely on your business success, and we’re proud of what we can do.

So set up a consultation for your X-Chart. It’s free and there’s no obligation. It’s just your chance to see how much your campaign can perform. 

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