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Filling the cart Our Shopify SEO process

Motionly Digital  3x Shopify can be your best collaboration. We will bring more purchasing power to your business by combining a best-in-class e-commerce platform with world-class SEO managers.

Step 1

Goal setting

Shopify is an intuitive, user-friendly e-commerce platform and is highly functional in terms of SEO. But adding SEO makes management a bit more complicated. It doesn't have to be complicated for you, though. At Motionly Digital , we will align the features of the platform with your brand's goals and manage the entire process to prepare you for success.

Step 2

store planning

Behind your beautiful storefront is an ecommerce SEO strategy designed to bring buyers into your vault. Our expert consultants will perform a thorough audit of your site, identify barriers to advanced SEO, and use a proven formula to select and position keywords and phrases in the right places to drive customers and sales the way you want.

Step 3

start building

Your store is just one part of your success story. At Motionly Digital, we will create a well-structured website that positively impacts your SEO. We will also leverage resources, including existing customer referrals and relevant social media channels such as Instagram and facebook, to achieve superior SEO and on-page SEO results.

Step 4

Step 4 keep growing

As ecommerce SEO experts, we're well versed in optimizing Shopify's built-in tools to discover more ways to generate better returns. Like finding customized store solutions and analyzing dashboard data on sales, orders and audience so that each campaign is more effective than the last.

Upgrade your Shopify SEO strategy.

Arrange an SEO consultation and one of our SEO digital strategists can talk to you about how we work and how effective good SEO can be for your business, how easy it is to align an effective SEO campaign with your current digital strategy, and how many times. You can expect your online marketing to be better.

Shopify is specially designed for eCommerce sites.

The platform is one of the best on the market for showcasing your products and can deliver serious ecommerce returns with some Shopify-specific SEO tricks and tips from SEO experts at Digital Anakra. Like all platforms, Shopify gives you space to customize the site for better SEO..

Motionly Digital's experts take care of everything from your site setup to crawlability, product titles, descriptions, replays and technical SEO.

Then we look deeper to determine how we can achieve more success. Like finding customized solutions to optimize your chosen theme.

Optimizing products in Shopify for better SEO results.

Get many happy returns.

Shopify SEO FAQs

We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about Shopify SEO service to help make your decision easier. Of course, if there are questions not included here, feel free to contact us and we will answer any questions you might have.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform where you can create an online store to sell products and services using their shopping cart solution. It is relatively easy to use and is one of the leading platforms for businesses of all sizes. Want to get started and not sure where to begin? Ask us how!

SEO is much the same as other platforms and has some SEO-friendly features. Using SEO for Shopify includes optimising your website using targeted keywords that will engage your desired audience with your products. Using the right keywords is essential to the foundation of SEO success for an e-commerce platform.

Once you have located your page or product, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link ‘edit website SEO’. This will enable you to edit the page and add any SEO Keywords, tags and metadata relevant to your page, products or services.

If you want to drive more traffic and sales to your store, it takes more than creating a beautiful looking store. SEO is essential and is impacted by an organised website that is well structured and has targeted keywords in the content and product descriptions. Contact the team for more information.

Shopify is known for being highly functional with SEO. It is known for being a good platform because it’s user-friendly and easy to add relevant keywords. Motionly Digital can help you optimise your Shopify store and find underused keywords and optimise them. This will help your store traffic and conversions to increase.

Apart from optimising your SEO, there are other ways to get sales from your store. One way to gain sales is to leverage free resources such as Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, and existing customers’ referrals. The list is endless, and an agency like ours can help you navigate what is best for your site’s best.

Shopify’s platform is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. But when you add in the elements of SEO, things can get a little trickier to manage. Our Shopify SEO experts set you up for success and train you on how to best utilise your storefront moving forward, ensuring all moving parts stay in place.

Search engines like Google don’t use tags so we recommend using these to try and improve your rankings on your store. Instead, we always utilise a keyword-rich strategy that covers content, meta data, on and off-page optimisation and more.

There are a lot of ways to rank on Google for your store, but you need to enlist a holistic Shopify SEO service to ensure the best possible approach. From backlinks to URL structure, content, blogs and more – there are many elements that make up this process. For this reason, having a Shopify SEO expert on the task for you will make sure all bases are covered.

The best way to improve the ranking on your site can be achieved through:

  • Creating blog content using keywords;
  • Updating your content regularly;
  • Use metadata;
  • Use alt tags;
  • Remove duplicate URLs; and
  • Add structure data.

It is essential not to go overboard with any content you add to your store

With research and practice, anyone can do SEO for the Shopify website. It would be best if you learned fundamentals first before adding anything to your site. However, using a professional agency like Motionly Digital, you have experts who know how to navigate SEO and how to do so effectively. 

Rising on the Google rankings needs you to do some smart and effective SEO. Keywords tell Google who you are and what you’re about. There is a formula for choosing the right words and phrases, and you want them to sell your product. Those keywords then need to be placed in the right places.

SEO can easily be configured on Shopify and has some fantastic built-in features for keywords. One of the most effective places to use SEO in Shopify is in page descriptions and page titles. These appear in search results and should be customised for the best results rather than default options.

Off-page SEO outside of Shopify will only help you improve your rankings and is worth doing. This type of SEO can be achieved by doing guest posting at reputable websites and publications and is a great way to capture a fresh, new audience. Blogger outreach also has the same effect.

You can optimise your keywords on Shopify by taking a few simple steps to improve your search results and increase rankings. This is achieved by:

  • Choosing the right keywords to focus on;
  • Prioritise the keywords by evaluating them;
  • Ensure that your text is unique; and
  • Use a headline with keywords.

This depends on the nature of your campaign and the objectives you have in mind. If your niche is particularly competitive, it will also need more attention and care to get you ranking to where you want to be. For all of these reasons, we tailor a quote that suits your needs best, ensuring there’s no cookie-cutter approach to your campaign. You can get your tailored quote from our Shopify SEO experts now by getting in touch.

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