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Process simplification for streamlined enterprise SEO solutions.

SEO for large businesses doesn't have to be complicated. At Motionly Digital, we've simplified the process to offer a proven strategy that's guaranteed to keep you on top.

Step 1

Initial Consulting

Our PPC management agency experts work with you to learn about your business needs, the challenges you face, and the goals you want to achieve. Then we work on different strategies to get the edge that fits your business, fits your budget, and needs your campaign. The good news is we won't overwhelm you with jargon and sales pressure. We only want your campaigns to stand out in Google search. And they will.

Step 2

Strategy Development

Motionly Digital's PPC management services are simple and effective - we look at where, how and why customers search to consolidate all the places they've visited to attract people willing to buy to your site. We will also bring together all the platforms you use to offer you a digital and search engine marketing strategy that delivers a great return on investment.

Step 3

Run Campaign

3…2…1… WE LEFT! This is when we hit the button and see how everything is going and when we see buyers flocking to your site. Our PPC advertising experts will be with you every step of the way and will be as excited as you are to see your paid search campaign come to life..

Step 4

Review and Improvement

You can never test and learn too much. We know that the target pillars of the search engine are always changing, the click prices are always increasing, and the consumer search habits are constantly evolving. What worked in your last campaign may not work in your next campaign. That's why we at Motionly Digital are committed to testing every part of our PPC management services to know what works best and improves your return on investment.

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Motionly Digital's pay-per-click advertising team looks at how customers actually search and combines cross-platform search behavior analytics to attract buyers to your site. This puts your message where it can give you the edge you need online.


We answer a few of the more common questions around this type of marketing. Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered here? Just give us a call.

PPC advertising means pay per click, and it’s a form of advertising where you would pay a fee every time someone clicks on your ads, which are usually placed at the top of a search engine results page (SERP). This type of marketing is all about return on investment (ROI), so the better the quality of your ads and keywords, the higher clicks and conversions you will be likely to see. Our PPC management agency helps you to define your goals, minimise your spending and ensure that your ads reach the consumers you’re reaching for, using the best-targeted keywords.

There is a world of difference between knowing what PPC is and executing it well. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it without the need for expert help. When executed correctly, pay per click advertising on the Google Display Network expands further than relying on organic visits to your site. It can gain you fresh and new quality leads amongst your target audience, meaning that those clicks are more likely to turn into conversions. It’s about creating a seamless user journey and in turn, that ROI you’ve been looking for. 

At Motionly Digital, we provide the best PPC campaign results by learning about your goals and budget, and then creating and running your company’s advertising for you. Using an agency means you can remove any time or knowledge-related worries because you’re entrusting the bulk of the maze to the experts. Our biggest focus is assisting you to reach your objectives, and we’ll do whatever we see fit to help you get there. Firstly, we assess the demographic you are trying to reach and then implement strategies that will ultimately drive that all-important traffic to your website. In order to gain conversions, you’ll need traffic and you’ll need clicks. Thankfully that’s our speciality. 

When it comes to marketing services, agencies preach everything. The difference is, our marketing company truly believes we are the best full-service digital marketing agency for brands from all walks of life. Why? Because we've been in the game long enough to know how each industry is doing online and what drives their target markets.

While there are other web marketing agencies out there, not all of them can promise the growth we've made with our proprietary, corporate-specific incentive. When you choose Digital Ankara, we provide a transparent, guaranteed sales forecast that shows you exactly what you can expect from our marketing agency services, from SEO to social media, email marketing campaigns and more.

We are so confident in our digital marketing team's ability to deliver it that we show you how to do it without getting bogged down in more challenging areas. This is exactly why we are Digital Ankara, the best digital marketing agency Turkey has to offer. Oh, did we mention you can find us in any major city? From Istanbul to Izmir, from Bursa to Van and everywhere in between. Our marketing agency We are here for Turkey's smallest and largest businesses.

We’re biased, but pay per click services are invaluable tools for increasing website traffic and eventually conversions. They also come in a variety of forms, meaning you can pick and choose the right strategies for you depending on your budget and aims. 

The most commonly used and interchangeable examples are:

•  Paid search advertising – like Google Ads, where your ads are shown to users who have searched for certain keywords. You would set these campaigns up by writing ad copy that aligns with your target audience, and then selecting a suitable page on your site for them to land on.

•  Display advertising – these are the more traditional banner, image and text adverts that appear on different websites of the Google Display Network, linking back to your own landing page. In terms of click-through rates, a display campaign tends to yield lower results, however, it can build a more intangible brand awareness that can lead to a successful conversion when you apply another strategy like social media advertising.

•  Social media advertising – online social platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook have millions of users globally who could be, or who knows your potential customers. Advertising on social media can be sponsored to specifically target certain demographics, and they can also be in collaboration with “influencers” who have engagement from the audience you are trying to communicate with.

•  Remarketing – the cookies we accept on websites while we browse are collecting data about our online actions. Using a remarketing campaign through the Google Display Network allows a company to show users specific ads based on those online ads, so they are targeting interests that they already know the user is looking for. This is useful for attracting the customers you already know are searching for products or services similar to what you offer, but they may not have heard of you.

PPC management pricing differs depending on a variety of factors, namely:

• The quality of your ad copy

• How relevant your ad is to the user on that SERP

• Your landing page performance

• The amount that your competitors are willing to pay

• The overall results of your ad

A search engine’s aims are to provide a smooth customer experience, and thus they want to ensure that the level of ad from advertisers is high quality. In essence, the better your pay per click PPC management, the more cost-effective your PPC management packages will be, which means a higher ROI. 

How to calculate PPC ROI?

ROI is a measure of the profit you’ve made from listing your PPC ads, compared to how much you spent placing them. Pay per click advertising is an important tool for companies to make use of, but the bottom-line impact is even greater. You’ll need to know that your PPC services are performing well and generating high-quality leads for your digital marketing strategy, but also that you are benefitting from some form of financial gain in the process. In other words, you’re making sure it’s worth it.

You can calculate your ROI by taking the revenue gained from your search campaign ads, subtracting your total costs, and then dividing that number by your overall costs. As a formula, that looks like this:

ROI = (revenue – cost of goods sold) / cost of goods sold.

You're about to dominate search engine results pages

Our team of PPC advertising wizards are ready to make your brand out loud. See how our PPC management services can change your digital game now with your free X-Chart.

Our technicians and digital wizards are fans of data. In fact, we’re fans of anything to do with numbers, so naturally, we love dishing out a good report or two. When you choose to collaborate with Motionly Digital, we’ll present you with a PPC strategy that’s backed by our proprietary X-chart. That means you’ll get a glimpse into our tried and tested approach to marketing, complete with the forecasts you can expect for your ROI. Now wouldn’t that be nice?

When we create this outline for you, we’ll also run you through three primary scenarios that we form our services upon. Firstly, scenario one covers a minimal investment option for budget-conscious clients that still need to power up their brand awareness. You’ll still learn how you can multiply your leads and what you’ll gain from it, just minus the hefty price tag.

Secondly, we provide you with PPC campaigns that are slightly more costly but far more powerful in terms of reach and results. Our experts will also work their magic across this phase to ensure your budget attracts the best possible results, giving you a taste of what’s to come. 

Finally, the third option gives you an all-out scenario that’s designed to explode your leads, conversions and overall website traffic. While this involves more investment, it’s the most influential option yet, and we’ve continued to deliver our clients results time and time again using this strategy.

At the end of the day, you get the chance to choose exactly how much you want to spend and when, all with an X-chart that gives you peace of mind in knowing exactly what you’ll get from your chosen option. 

Because we’ve been in the art of PPC services for so long, our agency consistently achieves ROI for clients from all walks of life. Moreover, we have a tried and tested approach that guarantees this, providing you with a bulletproof way to get traction online. 

So what does this mean for you?

Unlike other PPC agencies, you no longer have to worry about being stuck in a lock-in contract that doesn’t fit your business and isn’t delivering on the initial promise. You know exactly what you’ll get with our team and when you’ll get it. Our X-chart forecasts are backed by flexible packages that allow you to scale according to your needs, not ours.

Enjoy the feeling of not being tied down when choosing between different paths to take, while being able to understand what kind of return you’ll get out of our PPC services at all times. The bottom line? Whether you choose to go big or small, you’ll always receive the same level of expertise and support from our team.

Don’t wait for your competition to charge full steam ahead of you. This form of marketing gives you the flexibility to create campaigns that zoom in on your target audience right when they’re ready to convert. But without an expert team by your side, you’ll lack the insight and strategic direction to get maximum traction. 

That’s where Motionly Digital comes into play. With years of experience under our belt, we offer bespoke PPC campaigns that help you achieve your goals faster than anyone else. And because we don’t believe in locking ourselves into contracts, we give you complete freedom over how you use our PPC services. This means you never feel pressured into signing anything until after you see the proof in action. And that comes in the form of our X-chart.

Our paid marketing specialists are here to make sure you succeed every step of the way. From creating custom landing pages to managing ad groups, we do everything in our power to maximise your chances of making sales. In fact, we even manage your accounts for you, ensuring you stay focused on running your business instead of worrying about technicalities.

With us, you won’t be left wondering whether your ads are working or not, or whether your investment was worth it. Instead, you’ll enjoy constant updates on the performance of each individual element of your search campaign. Plus, you’ll benefit from access to our proven system that allows you to track your progress against specific KPIs. All these factors combine to guarantee that you’ll hit your targets sooner rather than later, and you’ll get the added bonus of smashing your competition out of the park.

The days of getting lost in Google are gone thanks to paid search solutions like PPC management services. While every man and his dog claims to be the ‘best pay-per-click management company’ going around, we know that we do and will deliver on the claims we make. 

The best part about PPC services is that they put you where you need to be online – at the top of Google. The tricky thing is that it takes insight to get there, and plenty of persistence and determination. Oh, and strategy. Luckily, we have all that – and more.

When you choose Motionly Digitalt for your ad management and online advertising services, you’ll reap the benefits of a creative PPC campaign that targets your most influential audiences and then converts them. Through strategic thinking and compelling ad campaign copy, we’ll persuade your biggest prospects into becoming loyal customers both now and in the future. 

Seem like a dream? It’s not. We’ve worked hard to build our search ads foundation and now that we’ve got the guaranteed process nailed down, we’re ready to share it with you. See what it’s like to experience business in the fast lane on Google search results with a PPC campaign from Shout.

Get in touch with our supportive team of specialists now for your FREE PPC audit now – our exclusive X-chart. Know what growth you can expect out of your investment and gain peace of mind that you’re only powering upwards. We’ll never keep you in the dark or longing for answers. That’s the biggest promise we make – guaranteed.

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