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We believe that the heart of every strong digital marketing agency should beat with passion. Oddly enough, ours beats with both passion and determination to dominate the search engine optimization world. Get more organic traffic than ever before. Expand your return on investment beyond what your competitors could have imagined. Move up the ladder of Google by ranking high online. Get stronger with the positive results you get from SEO services that are truly tailored for you.

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Smart marketing arises from even smarter processes.

In four simple steps, our national SEO agency will provide you with a strong and solid strategy that reflects who you are as a business and not someone else.

Step 1

Initial Consulting

We will work closely with you to understand your business challenges and goals. Sit with us as we uncover your biggest obstacles, your most refined processes, and your plans for the future. Watch our magic work to create a holistic marketing strategy designed for explosive growth.

Step 2

Strategy Development

At Motionly Digital, we use only the most appropriate, effective and up-to-date methods to create a tailored strategy that will transform your brand. With our team at your side, you'll get everything your brand needs to succeed online and get more organic traffic, and there's nothing you don't do.

Step 3

SEO Practice

As one of the most experienced SEO companies, it works to seamlessly integrate an organic SEO strategy into your brand's existing marketing efforts. Convert traffic, achieve your goals, and deliver a meaningful, digital experience to your customers. That's our goal as leading SEO consultants who know how to get into Google's good books.

Step 4

Review and Optimization

As a business ourselves, our SEO optimization company, we know that the goalposts are constantly moving. What works today may not work tomorrow, and at Digital Phoenix we are moving with these tides to ensure absolute accuracy and relevance. Our SEO services will only remain aligned with innovative online trends, behaviors and actions, whatever the climate.

An expert SEO company in your corner.

Let's talk nice things. Schedule a non-essential consultation with a Digital SEO marketing guru today to see how we can revolutionize the way you look online. Turn your organic traffic into highly loyal customers for the future, giving you a consistent return on investment.

We will help you have national SEO and convert leads into conversions

When it comes to SEO in marketing, this is not the way to choose if you're after quick wins and instant results. But the payoff is that you're having great success with long-term results - and that's hard to beat. When working with our clients, we encourage them to shift their focus to organic traffic development through this channel so they can generate a hard-working flow of leads for the future. Creating consistent, long-term leads for the future is most important.

Frequently Asked Questions on SEO

We answer a few of the more common questions around creating a unique SEO strategy for your brand. Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered here? Just give us a ‘call’.

Unlike local SEO which aims to target your business message to people only within your local area, national SEO aims to target consumers in the entire country. It’s a particularly powerful marketing tool for those businesses where location or store presence is totally irrelevant. We often refer to national SEO as  SEO or search engine optimisation. 

We’ve invested heavily in building a team of experts that know SEO inside and out, so while others will happily state they’re the ‘best’ in the game, we truly believe we take this space to the next level. 

The moment you collaborate with Motionly Digital as your dedicated SEO company, you’ll have exclusive access to our dedicated staff who continue to work on your campaign. When the results are collected, they won’t stop, working even harder to ensure your newfound online visibility sticks. 

What’s more, our knowledge is entirely holistic, covering key areas of search engine marketing, including:

·  eCommerce

·  Local

·  Enterprise

·  International campaigns

·  Content writing,

and more.

We also engage in high-value, high-relevance SEO keyword research, giving you the best shot at amplifying your biggest on and off-page factors. Whether it’s link building or taking your message to social media, every aspect of your SEO service with Shout ties into other marketing campaigns, so nothing is left running solo. That includes social media marketing services, your online PR and even your entire web development. Nothing goes untouched.

There is no hard and fast number for how much a national SEO agency can cost, as it depends on the nature of your brand, the competitiveness of your industry, and your budget. Oh, and your marketing agency. Luckily, with Motionly Digital, you’ll get a bespoke strategy that provides you with a custom package, not one that’s thrown out to every brand possible. 

However, when a solid strategy is created, executed, and implemented properly, it shouldn’t be seen as a cost, but rather an investment. As one of the best SEO companies, we guarantee ROI on every cent you put into this channel, and we know we can deliver because we have done it time and time again.

SEO can cost more in Turkey than in other countries, mainly because at Motionly Digital, we ensure work is done onshore by our team. This creates the best use of our local knowledge not only of customer behaviour, but what your competitors are doing and how they’re perceived in the market.

However, this additional cost means you get a more quality-orientated service, all designed to get you results – not quick fixes that don’t last. This also covers work required for your campaign – like content, optimisation and more.

Choosing an SEO agency in Turkey might cost more for the work, but that extra quality from national SEO experts delivering you a watertight strategy means it’s done right the first time.

A national SEO company manages your campaign on Google to ensure you rank as high as possible for competitive keywords within your country. When done correctly, you’re given consistent results that don’t die down over time, mainly because there’s always someone there to amend your campaign when needed. Best of all, they keep you safe from the risk of a penalty on Google, which can be detrimental to your brand’s overall success and reputation.

If you opt for help from a quality, qualified agency like Motionly Digital, SEO is never a waste of money. However, if you’re after instant results or a quick fix, SEO is not the service for you.

We consider ourselves to be SEO specialists in Turkey however that doesn’t mean that national search engine optimisation is the only solution we offer. Sometimes, a solution like Google Ads may be better suited to your business than national SEO. 

During our initial discussion with you, we’ll ask you all the right questions to ensure one of our SEO packages Turkey is the best option for your brand. If it’s not, we’ll be the first to say so.

As we said previously, at Motionly Digital we carry all the necessary skills and qualifications to give you visibility across Google. By employing us as your dedicated national SEO agency, you’re given peace of mind that we’ll never take shortcuts just to land you instant results that end up fizzing out quicker than they popped up. 

As we know these never last, we’ll cover all the bases needed to ensure a well-built, long-lasting, consistent campaign that delivers leads and conversions both now and in the future.

By working on the value of your site content and carefully weaving in the right keywords for your audience/brand, you’ll be able to see your site climb up Google search results. However, there is also a lot of technical work both on and off-site that needs to be done properly, which is why we always recommend getting an SEO expert agency to do it for you. 

Even if it’s an accident, taking the wrong path can damage your brand permanently and may result in a penalty from Google. Instead of choosing inexperienced SEO companies, it’s best to choose one that knows the ins and outs of the enormous field of digital marketing services. An SEO strategy is no longer just about finding relevant keywords. If your agency is telling you that it is, tear up your contract and start seeking the truth from someone who’s willing to give you the facts.

We can improve your SEO campaign by creating high-quality content and keeping it fresh and engaging. We can ensure your site’s meta data is working as it should, Motionly Digital will ensure you have sustainable and quality backlinks and we’ll use all the necessary alt-tags in your images, videos and text descriptions to make a splash on the first page.

Once we’ve understood your business goals and determined the best way forward for you, we’ll provide a plan outlining the time you should commit to the campaign, the budget you’ll need, and what we’ll need from you throughout the execution of the plan. 

It’s hard to put a number to a question like that, but as we have the best SEO consultants in the space, we won’t waste time on a campaign if it isn’t required. However, as a rule of thumb, results should be visible at approximately six months. 

It absolutely can. And with Motionly Digital, it absolutely will. An (SEO) search engine optimisation agency puts your business higher on national and local search results using the most agile and innovative techniques. From effective keyword research to defining your target audience – we cover it all. We don’t cut corners and we never aim too high; we only set our sights on the most realistic and influential outcomes possible. 

At the end of the day, the higher your business ranks in search engine results, the more website traffic you will get. More visitors to your site is the first thing you need to take to turn sales into warm leads. And that’s where we come in. 

A good ranking on Google and other search engines can act as your virtual shop window by positioning your site on the top of result pages. Just like social media marketing services can place you in influential news feeds through Facebook advertising, our custom SEO services drive people to your page by placing you on top of rankings.

Once you have that traffic on your site, they may not always follow through to a sale the first time around, but using strategies like  remarketing   can further power up your SEO campaign to land this conversion. Subtly nudging your users to come back to your sales funnel is a great way to collect that sale, and complete SEO services that take all of this into consideration – rather than just using one channel – can land you massive online visibility.  

So, while search engine visibility is a tried and true way to generate revenue and drive traffic, it’s only the start of an ongoing process that relies on a lot of other  digital marketing factors working in harmony to result in the conversion. But don’t worry, as a full-service agency, Motionly Digital has all the knowledge, expertise and passion to get your entire online ecosystem working in sync to generate and convert more sales.

As we are based in Turkey, we can access some of the best talent in the industry, right here onshore. This means we can also remain 100% accountable for the results we give our clients, keeping all eyes on quality and ROI. We believe this makes it a worthy investment over other alternatives out there in other countries.

Search engine optimisation services Turkey are a specific skillset. To become Turkey SEO experts has taken us decades of training, practise and dedication. And the results speak for themselves. But don’t just ask us if partnering with trusted SEO companies in Turkey is money well spent. Visit our case study page and read some of the quotes from our many satisfied clients.

SEO is still alive and kicking – maybe even more than it ever has been. Land more conversions and bigger streams of website traffic through a digital marketing solution that’s designed to give you long-term results. Best of all, this is a great way to get ahead of your growing competition, now that the global pandemic has forced a majority of businesses to move to online models.

Website Motionly Digital is a hot topic now more than ever. The level of online competition for eyeballs and conversions is reaching fever pitch. And only the best national SEO agency, Motionly Digital, can help put your business where it needs to be. And what you should hope for is that your biggest competitors don’t think national SEO is still relevant in this day and age. Then watch their customers rapidly become your customers.

To select an agency that offers Turkey search engine optimisation and has your best interest in mind, we encourage you to ask all the right questions from the start. This includes assessing them for the following:

  • Testimonials or reviews from previous clients 
  • Brands they’ve worked with that are similar to yours
  • Proof of results (analytics and data)
  • How they create content 
  • Their plan to build quality backlinks 
  • Their timeline for results (if they promise instant results, run far, far away)
  • Whether they use white-hat (correct) practices or black-hat (naughty) ones.

As we said previously, it’s essential to ask your chosen SEO agency a set of questions to ensure they know what they are doing. This will weed out any potential ones that make big claims and promises but deliver nothing in the end. We recommend asking them:

  • Have they have worked with brands in your space before
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses
  • What are their cost 
  • What is their timeline for results
  • How their content system works
  • How they build backlinks
  • How they will deliver reports 
  • How often you get WIPs or meetings to discuss results.

We believe hiring an SEO expert is definitely worth the investment, especially with COVID-19 forcing brands to roll out digital marketing hard and fast. If you’re struggling to be seen online or get the conversions you need to succeed, hiring a qualified expert is your first port of call. 

As we cover all of these bases, we would love to discuss your SEO online Motionly Digital objectives to ensure we are the right fit for your needs.

An SEO company or SEO agency is designed to optimise your website to appear on the first page of Google search engine results pages (SERPs). A good one will offer you Google optimisation Turkey and website optimisation Turkey. 

In turn, you’ll receive more click-throughs, website traffic, conversions and a greater ROI.

Having a dedicated agency on your national SEO means you always have eyes looking over and managing your campaign, ready to tweak it when an algorithm drops. If you try to DIY it, that’s all well and good, but you risk the integrity of your website, and thus, the reputation your brand upholds.

SEO and SEM differ in the sense that the first is organic in nature, while the latter is paid. When you naturally accumulate rankings in Google’s search engine results pages, without paying a cost per click, this is known as search engine optimisation – A.K.A, SEO. On the other hand, SEM includes  PPC advertising like  Google Ads on a cost-per-click basis to drive instant results. When you have a special offer or promotion, these paid channels are the better choice. 

Even the top SEO companies are always learning how to upskill their techniques. There are lots of things to consider when ‘doing’ any of this yourself – from on and off-page SEO through to link building, content marketing, URL structure, local citations in directories and more.

Instead of doing it all on your own, we’ll work with you to determine your target market and where they are active, and tailor our recommendations to your audience. To do this, we make use of different tools to identify simple wins and work with you to identify possible phrases you can own. 

Here’s a common process many search engine optimisation services adopt as a basis for choosing the right keywords:

Firstly, put yourself in your customers’ shoes

What words would they use to search for your products or services? Come up with all the possible terms, phrases, and combinations, and consider how they might spell or misspell those words and phrases, too. 

Let’s imagine you’re marketing an SEO company. Which target keywords do you think would be appropriate? Remember, users don’t search by typing in full sentences, so type in what you believe is more realistic in terms of modern human nature. 

Another point to remember is that users want the best services on offer, so they’ll often search for companies using this very word. We see it all the time

Lastly, let’s not forget that people from different regions spell the same word uniquely, so you may want to ensure you’ve covered both variations in your digital strategy. You’ll also want to amend other words for regional differences, too. For example, in Turkey, we might say ‘best SEO marketer’, but people from the US might use terms like ‘SEO firm’. All of this matters.

2. Look at the keywords on your competitor’s site. 

Knowing their target phrases will help you weed out irrelevant keywords and will give you a good lay of the SEO land as to how consumers choose their search queries. It could also open up new areas you had yet to explore. This part of keyword research is crucial when it comes to building the perfect organic search strategy.

3. Embrace long-tail keywords. 

Think of these keywords as those with more than three phrases in the query. Going back to our SEO example, a search query for the term ‘SEO’ will bring up a range of board results. If we changed it to ‘Enterprise SEO’, it would bring up slightly more refined results. Finally, a search for ‘best enterprise  SEO in Ankara’  will reduce the results even further. Why? Because they’re more specific, lowering the SEO cost and risk, all the while increasing the average conversion. 

4. Use tools to your advantage.

You don’t have to go it alone when it comes to understanding how SEO campaigns work. With so many tools available, there’s a plethora of data out there for you to make use of. Check out platforms like Ahrefs or SEMrush to gain crucial insights on search volumes and trends, competition around specific keywords, lookalike keywords and more.

5. Review, analyse and optimise.

Never set and forget. Keywords evolve and change with the trends, and so do users. And remember, new keywords that your competition is utilising can begin to bubble to the top, it’s imperative to conduct regular performance reviews on every SEO campaign you run.

An SEO agency will always recommend search engine optimization. Obviously. But a full-service one will give you a suite of everything that’s in favour of your business objectives.

In the beginning, Motionly Digital will look at your web pages’ current rankings on search results, your budget, goals, and your needs to determine what will work best. It might be SEO; it could be PPC services. We’ll do all of the legwork necessary to realistically decide on the best route to take through a comprehensive audit.

Not sure what’s what? 


SEO is designed to give you results that are long-term and slower-paced to begin with. The most important thing to understand is that it’s an investment into the future, allowing you to solidify rankings that stay where they need to be for the long run, rather than just while your campaign is live (like PPC). However, it’s important to note that this does mean search engine optimisation (SEO) is slower to collect results in the beginning but builds up to be a powerful option that you’ll thank yourself for later. 


SEM – or paid search – performs a similar task, but is the paid promotion of your existing or new website to increase visibility in search results. This is usually done through results-driven channels like Google Ads or  Google Shopping. SEO is the more organic option, meaning you’ll get where you’re going slower, but should see long term results overall.


Pay-per-click models – like Google Ads – are designed to deliver reliable, instant, bid-based results. You effectively pay by the click, tweaking your campaign to suit the nature of your product, service or offer at the time. As trends change, your campaign will need to adjust, so it’s important to have an expert on the case. You can do all three, and give yourself a boost before your meaningful traffic kicks in. It all depends on your appetite and your digital marketing budget. And the technical SEO consultants at Motionly Digital will be with you at every step of your decision-making process.

Stop scrolling, start growing.

Let our SEO agency make it rain leads for your business. Convert more visitors into paying customers. Take the number one spot. Contact us for free website analysis.

An X-chart from Motionly Digital is our tried, tested and most importantly, guaranteed forecast for your sales growth. Because we model based on three different scenarios, the question isn’t ‘how do we grow your business?’, your only decision is how much you’d like to grow. 

Here’s how our three different scenarios for SEO work:

Scenario one

This campaign option is based on minimal investment and uses SEO within your website design and backend to show how just a little can multiply your conversions. This is a great way to dip your toe into this channel without going for the whole shebang.

Scenario two

Here your cost will rise slightly, but the bigger package will provide you with even bigger results.  When technical SEO optimisation is done right, your budget can really magnify results, so you can expect to see an even greater return here. With more investment, you’re given broader access to influential, in-depth keyword research, market research, tools, insights and channels to unlock the very best gains.

Scenario three

This is where we forecast the best marketing plans in the market, powering up your tailored, long term strategy with a powerful investment. Don’t think of this as just the ‘most costly’ plan, but more so the most appropriate. 

We’ve been perfecting our SEO efforts for so long now, that we can provide you optimal traction in search engine results with the right investment – no matter what stage you’re at with your small business. Motıonly  has an SEO package for every brand from any possible niche. All you have to do is give us the chance to show you what that looks like. 

When it comes to end to end online marketing, you need an SEO consultant that understands the landscape, can translate it for your business needs and can deliver the roadmap required to hit success. That is precisely what we do at Motıonly Digital. Our X-Chart is the roadmap you need to see how we can deliver your brand explosive returns and rankings on the first page.

Simply put, businesses need somewhere to start with their SEO service and they need it to be made clear and simple to understand. The Motionly Digital X-Chart was born out of the recurring need for our clients who wanted to see where their ROI was coming from but had been burnt before by agencies promising the world but delivering much less. 

Too often, SEO agencies operate behind closed doors and use a ‘set and forget’ strategy. While this is a template that might’ve worked for one or two other clients, it isn’t necessarily going to cut it with every business. (And it’s definitely not an approach we adopt.)

To our full-service digital agency, client satisfaction is everything and we rely on word of mouth and reviews from happy customers. We do this because it leaves us nowhere to hide. Our reputation as a top SEO agency relies on each and every client receives the best results and experience they’ve ever had. We also get that many clients might not have a clear understanding of SEO optimisation and can get overwhelmed by technical jargon and long-winded proposals. While we understand how ranking websites work, we know that this doesn’t go for everyone. We will also make sure you understand all aspects of this online marketing tactic.

So the X-Chart was a clear and simple way to ensure each SEO strategy started on the right foot. We know client websites differ from one to the next. Moreover, transparency is something we’re comfortable with, as we understand that marketers often need buy-in from several areas of their business. We ensure all stakeholders are aware of the ambition, the investment, the target and the time frame. Then when it comes to executing our services, we’re held accountable at every step – just the way we like it. 

There’s a reason we’re known as the best SEO agency. Not only do we have dozens of case studies and satisfied clients to prove it, we also have the deepest expertise in campaigns that work. A lot of the time with SEO, you’ll hear agencies talk about ‘testing’ and ‘trialling’, essentially, experimenting with your money. At Motıonly Digital, we’ve already done the hard yards. So from day one, your dollars are working towards growing your business. 

Another reason our clients keep coming back for more SEO is our open, honest, upfront and transparent approach that gets results. We don’t make a grand opening presentation and then appear every quarter with a PowerPoint, we’re about partnering with you for the entire journey and keeping you completely on top of your marketing operations. The bottom line is, we hold ourselves accountable and we can guarantee you ROI. 

Not only do we create more leads, by employing the best SEO artillery techniques that target the right people at the right time, but we improve the conversion of those increased leads as well. And not only in a ‘digital’ sense. 

A taste of success

To give you a sense of our success in action, major footwear brand Windsor Smith came to us for custom social and search strategies. We built bespoke solutions that helped the brand’s reach and appeal blossom online. 

Not only did this deliver short term results and help them achieve their targets, but it set the business up for long-term business growth in a crowded market. And once they’d established themselves as a digital powerhouse, we could continue to magnify their returns even further.

We loved the challenge of taking an iconic ‘brick and mortar’ business into the digital age with massive results. Not only did the shoes start walking out of the stores and sites, but we were able to improve ROI for the fashion brand by x14. Yes x14. 

You’ve probably been through it before: a marketing SEO agency that specialises in search engine promises big results, shows you some case studies, but never quite delivers on what they initially presented. That’s because what worked for one business, won’t necessarily work for yours, but you didn’t know any better at the time. if they’re employing the same strategies as everyone else, it’s impossible for you to stand out.

We understand that no two businesses are alike and that industries differ in every possible detail. A world-class strategy has to take all this into account, and more – like seasonality, economic conditions, and trends.

Maybe you do a significant portion of your business at one particular time of year, so getting value for your spending is critically important. Maybe you’re a wholesaler, or a retailer, and do a large amount of business through a few clients, or require a significant volume of smaller sales to individual paying customers.

Businesses that are well-established in a traditional market aren’t going to have the same needs as a tech start-up.

We get to learn various worlds of business inside and out. It’s why our SEO online marketing specialists are like an encyclopedia for the corporate world. While our expertise and experience are relevant to clients engaged in B2B, B2C  and D2C marketing, our approach to get you high-quality SEO results is unique down to the very last detail. And that’s what gives us our competitive edge. 

So, when it comes to marketing and strategy, it’s best to not limit yourself before you’ve spoken to and worked with the best SEO company. And if you’re a business looking to create a footprint in a new international market, you don’t need to contend with time zones, language barriers and working with an unknown SEO provider overseas. Motionly Digital has a local team well-versed in building small businesses in foreign markets using world-class international SEO campaigns and quality link building. We can put together an X-Chart SEO audit for you that not only spans local markets but overseas ones too. We’re only a phone call away. Let us show you your competitor analysis and SEO audit that’s ready to power you up to the first page of Google.

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