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Our process for marketing automation services.

In as little as four steps, we'll create a custom roadmap and a solid marketing automation strategy to fit every aspect of your brand.

Step 1

First discussion

Our experts will sit down with you to narrow down your biggest goals and objectives as well as your biggest issues. Here we take all the good stuff that allows us to create a clear strategy full of laser-focused resolutions to help you increase your speed and increase your productivity. Best of all, there is zero obligation – only real conversations from real people.

Step 2

Creating a strategy

As a specialist marketing automation agency in Motionly, we work hard to create a comprehensive strategy by analyzing every aspect of the initial brief to reveal a highly refined marketing automation approach. We will create a winning process that highlights how automation will revolutionize the way you target your biggest audience online.

Step 3

Spreading AI

The real magic happens here. The Motionly Digital team will implement all the solutions discussed, from platforms to codes and everything in between, to get your email marketing automation suite up and running. From there, all you have to do is watch everything take care of itself, with leads and conversions swinging at the same time. Wouldn't that be nice?

Step 4

Poke around a little

In the world of marketing automation there is no set and forget, and that's how it should be. We'll evaluate how your package has worked for your brand to date, then refine any details we think can better optimize your final solution. This process continues frequently so that you always get the best value for your money.

Let's make your transactions easier and faster.

Making rapid progress with an automation process requires experience. So don't buy any agency. Get the marketing automation services that Motionly Digital trusts.

Automate your marketing. Power your growth.

Expanding your business does not mean more complexity. At Motionly Digital, our experts streamline your services with automation. And by simplifying the process, you actually strengthen your results. It only makes sense from a commercial standpoint.

Automation doesn't just make the process simpler. It makes it more profitable. Isn't it time to spend less energy on your marketing and more time on growing your business? And that's why you didn't get the job in the first place?

At Motionly Digital, we make it easy to run your business online without having to divert your attention from the tasks most important to your operations. Think of us as your helpful assistants who constantly nurture highly qualified leads and keep things moving in the background. Now wouldn't that be nice?

Marketing automation FAQs

We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about marketing automation tools, platforms, and everything in between. Of course, if there are questions not included here, feel free to contact us and we will answer any questions you might have.

Marketing automation is the use of technology and software platforms to create automatic marketing strategies that function across multiple platforms. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find that a marketing automation agency like Motionly Digital can help you and your business not only achieve compliance, improve workflows, and identify potential customers, but also amplify your overall digital performance. 

At Motionly Digital, you’re more than just a line in a spreadsheet. You’re our reason for being and why we got into this industry in the first place. A marketing automation agency and your wingman in business, we help reduce manual and repetitive tasks by moving them away from people and into automated processes built into the software. 

Marketing automation works in a number of different ways to improve operations. Data collected from consumer touchpoints provides you with a comprehensive view of your customer and takes manual tasks like email marketing follow-ups, reporting, reminders, and social media posting off your plate. With this data now digitalised, the people in your organisation get more time back in their day for other tasks. It also gives you a higher quality lead and increases sales, by allowing you to target your campaigns with the right information to the right people. 

Knowing how to use this data to your advantage is where Motionly Digital’s marketing automation software comes in. By applying our experience in the art of marketing with the sheer power of technology, we have become a top marketing automation agency Ankara depends on. We read complicated data, see past the numbers and deliver insights that will turn time-consuming and repetitive tasks into fast work. 

The smaller your marketing business is, the more benefits you will get out of our strategies. Marketing automation helps lean teams remain competitive with bigger companies that may have more human resources available for manual operations. 

After more than a decade at the cutting-edge of the digital revolution, we understand that digital reach is not always about human resources.

No matter if you’re a team of two, twenty, or two hundred, we combine years of experience in digital reach with a genuine passion for helping brands like yours grow. We offer best-in-class marketing automation services Ankara businesses trust to help them stay ahead of the competition. 

Working with a marketing automation company to choose a software platform is a big decision. There isn’t a single option that will suit every business and out-perform all rivals. You will need to assess the different marketing automation options available and see how they align with your goals, your marketing funnels, and your plans for the future. 

Most platforms offer live demonstrations. But our full-stack marketing automation services include guided tutorials. We’ll show you how to use the software in real-world environments to see if it is the right fit for you. And if you have any follow up questions about how to use certain tools, our marketing automation Ankara office will be right by your side.

The solutions we offer use a suite of software made up of a series of tools. These tools are expertly wielded by the marketing automation agency Ankara counts on as its wingman – us! Our sales team is here to help businesses like yours achieve automation in different parts of your business. 

The tools we use are designed not only for marketing automation but to streamline and simplify individual processes and help you identify your audience. Working with and understanding our automated tools will help you produce the best quality content and set up trigger actions across the customer journey – like email automation and follow-ups – that align with customer schedules and behaviours.

This marketing channel essentially gives you more scope to do what you already trying to achieve. By removing the time-consuming, manual tasks it gives you more time to focus on improving marketing operations. This computerisation will deliver better data and intelligence which will allow you to create more effective campaigns, will assist in putting potential customers in the right place in the marketing funnel and will streamline many of your processes to give you more time back in your day.

While there are many parallels between marketing automation software and CRMs, the key difference is that automation is focused on marketing, while CRMs have been designed for sales teams. Marketing automation software is more about streamlining and improving your processes, while a CRM manages your interactions with current and potential customers.

Many of our operations have moved into off-premises, hosted, cloud services and marketing platforms are based in the cloud so that you don’t have to install any software. This is especially beneficial for companies with large headcounts and operations spread far apart geographically because it eliminated the need for expensive and expanded software rollouts and server upgrades.

It is important to have a strategised plan before attempting to implement software. This includes training for every staff member and stakeholder that is going to be using it, plans to update your website and other software platforms, planning and developing your content and cleaning data. This is all going to take time, so strategise this properly for a successful rollout.

There are many online training courses available and individual software and product packages will include training as well. Most of these platforms are user friendly and easy to adopt. Having a background in sales is beneficial in helping align processes, but it is not essential. When you are choosing the right solution for you look for a level of user experience that fits with your level of knowledge and also assesses the levels of support and training provided.

All of the data surrounding these platforms show that it delivers enormous differences to businesses. To boil it down to stats, marketing automation has been proven to increase sales by 14.5 per cent while it is also going to reduce your overheads by over 12 per cent through the processes that it provides.

If you want to save money, improve the quality of your leads, streamline processes and speed up repetitive tasks by cutting out manual handling, this solution is definitely a path to consider. Moreover, it can help your sales team become more productive and keeps your brand compliant where possible.

Dominate every marketing automation platform.

Whether it's email marketing or social media strategy, we kick your campaign into overdrive, without you having to lift a finger.

The best part about choosing our marketing automation solutions is that you can sit back and relax knowing our marketing team is taking care of the entire customer journey for you. From integrating with your sales team to weaving in with existing software that you use, we make it easy to enjoy these highly convenient services.

Motionly Digital’s entire sales process is based on providing a transparent forecast to clients before they even decide to sign the bottom line. This means you can see exactly what kind of ROI you’ll get from our effective marketing automation campaigns in advance.

Make an informed decision about your investment knowing that you have complete peace of mind. What other agency offers that?

No matter what your experience is with marketing efforts, we keep you fully in the loop so you can understand how your campaign is tracking at any point in time. From seeing how a certain marketing automation platform works, to getting the hang of specific phases of the customer journey, we can fill you in on everything that matters most.

Sound good? Get chatting with our marketing strategy experts now to see how our automation software can level up your brand.

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