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Want to see a successful digital marketing campaign in action?


A powerful process for LinkedIn

Want to gain a competitive advantage with a professional platform? Our process allows you to become a powerhouse beyond being on LinkedIn.

Step 1

Your Industry Matters

Every industry and company is different. At Motionly Digital, we work to identify how LinkedIn marketing can work for your business and work harder than your competitors. Do you want to grow relationships, increase leads or increase traffic buyers to your website? Our consultants dive deep into your goals to ensure we meet them.

Step 2

Creating your profile

Our team of experts will help you build your business profile using powerful keywords that help the connections that need you find you. We'll make sure your profile is optimized to build brand awareness, promote curated content, find new business opportunities, and make a solid, positive and lasting impression.

Step 3

Creating your strategy

More than keywords. When we create your SEO strategy, how is it for your business? Using LinkedIn's dedicated Campaign Manager, we'll design your marketing strategies around the goals you want to see, whether it's improving audience engagement, brand awareness or quality leads. We'll also explore boosting your posts to increase your reach to new or similar audiences. We will ask if we can offer more. SEO can work with free services like content creation to connect you with your target audience, from search to marketing.

Step 4

Measuring your results

Through reports in which we prove our predicted results. At Motionly Digital, we are transparent about monitoring and reporting our LinkedIn marketing activities. This means that every step of the way you know where your investment is going and our strategy is working.

We'll make your LinkedIn campaign work much harder.

The best LinkedIn can grow your business where your business is.

With over 9 million members in Turkey (and 774 million worldwide) there are plenty of connections to be made on LinkedIn. It's simple - if you're in business, your business needs to be on LinkedIn, and Motionly Digital specializes in branding on this professional platform.

LinkedIn marketing FAQs

We answer a few of the more common questions around LinkedIn marketing. Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered here? Just give us a Call.

If you are looking at B2B marketing, then LinkedIn is the best social media platform to achieve results. This channel is designed to embrace the professional world and is centred around business connections. In fact, there’s over 450 million of them actively present on this widely used platform. 

For highly effective B2B marketing, there’s no better social media option.

According to Hubspot, LinkedIn is 277 per cent more effective at lead generation than other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This shows that the proof is in the pudding; LinkedIn’s audience is primarily made up of decision-makers, meaning you’re targeting the right audience without having to cut through outside noise.

There is no other place online where you are going to find as many engaged business decision-makers as you would on LinkedIn. Your campaigns are always going to reach the minds of those who matter most to your sales success, literally because this channel was built for the purpose of B2B networking.

There are many different objectives you can achieve through LinkedIn by using its dedicated Campaign Manager. Here, you can set your marketing strategies around the goals you want to achieve – including more engagement, brand awareness, website traffic, generating quality leads and much more. There are also different strategies you can trial and training resources you can explore.

It all begins with creating a company profile and then publishing compelling, engaging content that is highly conversion-driven or nurturing. You can boost these posts using the LinkedIn Campaign Manager or you can create specific advertising campaigns set around your objectives and goals. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to reach matched or lookalike audiences from your website data as well. However, to get the most out of this form of marketing, we always recommend utilising an expert – like us.

LinkedIn marketing works how you want it to work. You can use it to generate leads or build relationships. Alternatively, you can drive traffic to your website or boost overall engagement. You have total control of your objectives and the Campaign Manager is a user-friendly platform that allows you to take the reins entirely. 

LinkedIn operates on a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) system, so you only pay for results. You determine the ceiling on how much you are willing to pay-per-click and LinkedIn’s algorithm will deliver your campaign to the businesses that are most likely to engage. How much you may need to set your CPC at depends on your industry, your competition and the businesses you are targeting. The challenge is knowing how to balance all of this with your desired outcomes. Experts in this field can help you get the most value out of your spend and ensure your strategy still hits home.

The short answer is yes. Because the platform remains relevant (it is used by over a quarter of all US businesses) and it is growing every year. While it is “only” the fifth-largest social media platform, the people using it are the precise people you want to market to, making it the most effective platform for B2B marketing by far.

Currently, digital marketing services are past, present and future. Everything is around us. There is no doubt that the way Turkey engages with businesses has changed, and most studies tell us we will never be back.

Did you know that digital advertising in Turkey reached 25 billion TL in Fiscal Year 2021?

Therefore, web marketing services and agencies must stay ahead of consumer demand and deliver the connected online experiences customers expect. They also need to follow the latest trends and use the right technologies at the right time. Luckily, we're good at exactly that at Digital Ankara, so get in touch today and we'll help you get your digital marketing off the ground and soaring high.

Your competition is almost certainly using LinkedIn. They have a competitive advantage if you are not using it as well and you need to ensure you are monitoring their content and campaigns and ensuring that your strategies are better. It is not a platform that you can afford to ignore.

Not only is this a platform that is populated by business decision-makers, but it is also a place where these decision-makers are actively looking to be inspired. You are not trying to market to an audience that could be resistant, you are sending your message directly to an audience that is receptive to what you are offering.

It is an extremely simple process. All you need to do is set up a LinkedIn company account and an advertising account that is associated with it. You can then use the Campaign Manager to create ads and marketing campaigns with tutorials and education available through the platform.

There are numerous benefits. You can target your audience with far greater accuracy than other platforms; you have total control of your budget; the potential audience you can reach is massive and the people who actively make decisions for their business are on this platform and motivated. 

Grow your business. Link with us.

Our expert LinkedIn advertising consultants are waiting to show you how to connect, engage and build your brand using the power of this critical platform. At Motionly Digital, we don’t just promise results – we guarantee them.

When you Motionly Digital for our LinkedIn experts, our first point of call will be to create a free, tailored X-Chart. Not just a marketing agency tactic, it’s our guaranteed forecast for the sales you can expect in the next 3, 6 and 12 months. That’s right – guaranteed.

After a decade delivering results in LinkedIn advertising and all aspects of social media marketing, we know how to work the platform to get you the revenue we forecast. All it takes is a complimentary 30 minute consultation for our expert team to get under the hood of your business. And you’ll know exactly how our services can amplify your sales.


Our digital marketing experts use your X-Chart as a roadmap to chart your future success. Whether you want 2x your current sales, 5x the SEO ranking, 10x the ROI or 15x more leads, your X-Chart will tell you what you can expect.

It’s free and it’s yours following a short consultation with our expert LinkedIn marketing. team. With the help of an X-Chart, we’ve guaranteed results for our happy clients, and we guarantee success for yours. There’s nothing to lose but time. We’ll show you what a small, medium or larger investment can deliver, and we work to your budget. Call our LinkedIn marketing Ankara team so they can get to work for your business.

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