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We are the driving force behind Google Shopping Ads. We help businesses get found online through our search engine optimization services. Our team will help you get more clicks, leads, and sales. Contact us today!

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Our process makes the most of Google Shopping ads.

Google Shopping finds customers who want to buy the exact product you're selling. Our process gives you maximum potential so shoppers flock to your site while we both keep an eye on advertising and marketing costs.

Step 1

Detailed consultation

Together we find out what your online store needs, your strengths, the challenges you face and the goals you want to achieve. Then we look at proven strategies that fit your business, your budget, and your site shoppers. You'll never be overwhelmed with hard-to-follow information because it's a partnership and we want your campaign to go through the roof.

Step 2

Motionly Digital's Google Shopping strategyi

Motionly Digital's Google Shopping strategy is tried and true - we look at the keywords online shoppers are using to search for your products and then bring them to your site. The strategy we put together aligns current search trends, giving you an edge over your competitors without spending too much along the way.

Step 3

Campaign execution

Let your shoppers come! This is the exciting time we watch orders fly by. But this is not the time to relax. If you think your Google Shopping campaign settings need to be adjusted here or there, we're ready to take action and make changes. Feel free to call us anytime, you can count on us to help increase the attractiveness of your Google Shopping ads

Step 4

Test and review

Has your paid Google search campaign brought in new customers? What can we do to get them to fill their shopping cart and go to the checkout next time? Goal posts are constantly changing. What worked before may not work again. That's why at Motionly Digital we test all your ads to find the best results and increase your return on investment.

Are you ready to grow?

As a leading Google Shopping agency, we are proud of what we do for businesses in Motionly .

Increase your sales instantly with Google Shopping.

Open your doors – Google Shopping can be your business's new best friend. Great for driving sales and a proven way to generate leads that you can nurture in the long run. However, you first need a Google Shopping expert to make sure it's up and running from the start. This is us!

Google Shopping FAQs

We answer a few of the more common questions around Google Shopping. Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered here? Just call us.

According to the itself, “Google Shopping is a new product discovery experience. The goal is to make it easy for users to research purchases, find information about different products, their features, and prices, and then connect with sellers to make their purchase.”

Formerly known as Google Product Search, Products and Froogle, today this channel is a quick and simple solution that allows users to hunt for products they want to purchase that are available through online shopping websites and compare prices between them. A Google Shopping campaign gives consumers the opportunity to get the best deal by creating a competitive marketplace.

It is simple to link your business site to this platform. First, you will need a Google Merchant Center Account, which you can get. You will then need to link your website to both. From there, you will have the option to optimise your imagery and collate product feed data so that you can set up targeted campaigns that reach the right audience. This operates very much like Google Ads with an auction-based, cost-per-click model.

Obviously, at Motionly Digital, we’ve done plenty of this sort of campaign set up in the past. So if you need a hand with your Google Shopping campaign setup, or want to tap into our experience when it comes to Google Shopping campaign best practices, you know where to find us. 

You feed your product and website information into the system, and the search platform does the hard work for you. When people look for your products, they will see your Google Shopping campaign with an image of your product and essential information like its title, the store name, and your price. Other products from your rivals will be displayed as well, as being competitive is essential for success.

If you think you need an agency that can hold your hand through the experience, we’d be happy to help. Regardless of your industry, product, service or the size of your organisation, we’re ready to get you growing. 

In April 2020, Google created a free option for users in the USA. Turkey’s version got the very same update early the following year. What that meant was that consumers had a much broader range of products to choose from, and sellers had access to audiences around the world.

While Google doesn’t expect the free ads to replace the paid variety, it is meant to enhance and augment paid campaigns.

To access free listings, select ‘Growth’ and then ‘Manage’ programs in the left navigation menu and select the surfaces across Google. The platform now effectively operates like normal organic searches; there are ‘normal’ search results and ads displayed.

If you’re searching for a Google Shopping ads agency to help manage your free and paid campaigns, our expert staff are only too happy to help.

There are many variables in Google Shopping that you use to optimise your targeting and your ads themselves. You can choose the search networks you want to appear in, add keywords and negative keywords and your target demographics just like in Google Ads.

If you are using Shopify as your merchant on your website, you can sync your products and all of the relevant information about your Shopify store and your products with the Google Merchant Centre. That means your listings are automatically updated directly from your Shopify dashboard which makes it easy to streamline your product placement on your site and your presence in Google searches.

There is a free option, which we mentioned previously, but the costs associated with paid advertising depend on the level of competition there is for your product. Ad ranking is determined by mini auctions, and you can determine your maximum amount. Win these mini auctions and you will be at the top and you pay per click.

Something we often advise our clients to bid high on keyword search queries that are the most valuable. This requires a lot of awareness and analysis of your current campaigns. You need to look into what’s working and what’s not, what people are searching for and who is converting once they’ve found you. But bidding higher on some keywords and running a test on them can often turbo boost your results.

Simply put, it’s your menu of products and the details of those products. Because your products could be constantly changing and the details (like price, availability, colour range) can change as well, your Feed keeps those details up to date in your ads. 

The Google Product Feed extension enables you to build a portfolio to show your product information to the Google Merchant Center instantly. This saves you from having to manually change your product details on multiple platforms, for multiple SKUs, and multiple variables.

In short, the answer is no. You don’t need one. But if you have multiple product SKUs and options that come with each SKU, it could solve a lot of headaches if you allow an agency like Shout to manage your Google comparison shopping services.

Managing your feed can become a full-time job. Each of our clients has a completely unique product offering, target audience, marketing objectives, and internal resources. For us to answer that question for your business with a hand on our heart, it would require an individual discussion to ascertain where your business is at and if a Google Shopping Feed manager is necessary for you, or an extravagant expense you can live without.

Because Google Shopping provides attractive, visual representations of products, customers are easily engaged as it makes the shopping experience as simple as possible. The more attractive your ads look and the higher they appear in the rankings, the more likely you are to drive purchases.

Google Shopping ads now make up over 80 per cent of paid traffic for online retailers which makes it an essential tool for driving sales on your website. You will be connected with people actively seeking out your product who are ready to purchase.

Google allows you to advertise your shop and your products by using two different types of Shopping ads.

  • The first one is called Product Shopping Ads. This type of ad is created based on your product data feed that you create and deliver to the Merchant Centre.
  • The second ad type is called Local Inventory Ads. This type of ad is created using a combination of your product data feed and your inventory data as submitted by you in the Merchant Centre.

Google uses powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning programs to weed out fraudulent websites. While the search giant is actively working hard to ensure all consumers are safe, Google Shopping does direct users off-site to other websites, so ensure you are using your due diligence as well. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

It’s always wise to read reviews and other users’ experiences if you’re a nervous shopper, and if you’re a retailer, building trust with reviews, accreditations, and positive customer experiences should always be a feature on your site.

Google Shopping has been designed to give businesses of all sizes the chance to be competitive. For smaller businesses, it is one of the most effective in terms of Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Because you are engaging in mini auctions, you have the chance to be displayed on the front page of searches just as effectively as the big players, so this is a great platform for smaller merchants. 

In a Google Shopping ad unit, there’s no way of distinguishing if you’re a one-person operation or a multinational organisation. Your store footprint is entirely irrelevant at that point, which levels the playing field for the smaller merchants who lack the reach of the bigger fish.

For bigger businesses, they’re a great way of building awareness of your product range, upselling by clustering or grouping products together, and maintaining relevance among searches.

In other words, Google Shopping is a great way for all types and sizes of businesses to get in front of their audience and increase conversions.

Let us show you what powerful Google Shopping campaigns look like.

As partners with Google, we know exactly what makes these strategies tick. And we're raring to go - we want to show you how this channel can revolutionise the way you sell your products.

In order to get maximum value from this platform, you need to keep your customers in mind. Our experts know what makes a Google Shopping campaign successful. With years of experience with this channel, and deep knowledge of ecommerce, we can help you to get the best results from your strategy.

When you choose us for your Google Shopping campaigns, you’ll get:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Product feed optimisation
  • Account setup and management
  • Competitor benchmarking and analysis
  • Monitoring and tweaking.

However, to ensure success, we first make sure we understand exactly what it is you want to get out of this platform, and then work hard to create a clear-cut approach. From there, we’ll show you exactly why this marketing option is one of the most powerful ones out there.

We take the time to know what makes your business work, so we can shape our insights, products, and services to fit. We’re all about helping you grow your business.

Through a Google Shopping campaign, you can reach hundreds of millions of online shoppers in seconds – and show them exactly what you’re selling.

From quick setup to reporting results, this platform is easy to use, but it takes an expert to get maximum profitability. Thanks to our Google Shopping agency, you’ll only pay for results, like clicks to your website or calls to your business. Plus, you can track sales from ads to see what’s most effective for your business.

Whether you’re new to online advertising or already have some experience, this platform makes it simple to reach new customers and grow your business. Our experts will help you set up an account and figure out your budget, then give you guidance on getting the results you want.

The best part about this form of advertising is that you get to put your products in an online showcase, right in front of your biggest customers’ eyes.

So how does it all work?

You send us your product catalogue, and we’ll use it to create a showcase of your goods that will be made visible in search results. From there, your potential customers can search for keywords and see your products right in front of them, enticing them to purchase directly from your site.

The best part is, you know they’re willing to buy because they’ve searched for products exactly like yours in that exact moment of time. It’s a win-win.

Using us as the best Google Shopping agency, we ensure you get the best possible result from this process. Whether it’s your first Shopping campaign or just another in your list of efforts, we’ll maximise your strategy to ensure optimal CPC and a killer ROI.

Sound like a plan? Get in touch with us now to get the ball rolling.

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