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Automate your e-mails, improve your performance.

The Motionly Digital ActiveCampaign team empowers you to automatically read and reply to contacts. Send emails that target an individual's interests and make every communication feel personalized. As you build your business, you will also build your reputation.

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An ActiveCampaign process with Motionly Digital

Our four-step process for a laser-focused ActiveCampaign gives you peace of mind that we know how to conduct the conversation.

Step 1

Let's chat

In Motionly Digital, we always give priority to sitting down and having a good conversation about every brand we work with. At this point in the process, we collaborate with your team to understand every goal you have in mind and complete with the insights that have brought your business to where it is today. From there, we can learn more about how ActiveCampaign can be better developed to suit your goals, which really gets the cogs in our heads turning.

Step 2

Strategic fit

Our clients trust us as ActiveCampaign Certified Consultants because we have and have done this many times before. It is this passion that gives us the endless success stories that are now under our wing. But none of this happened without strategic direction. Therefore, the second step is to turn our initial discussion into a clear strategy that gives you maximum chances of success on this platform.

Step 3

Get ready, go!

Once the strategy is made and dusted, it's time to put it into action. That's why it's only natural that we upload this metaphorical canon to fire up your email marketing with a new approach that generates more engagement and leads than ever before. As your ActiveCampaign certified consultants and experts, we will ensure that this entire phase goes smoothly.

Step 4

It doesn't end there.

Once the ball rolls and you're immersed in the process in ActiveCampaign, our marketing strategists ensure the process stays that way, giving you long-term success. We are not about arranging things and praying for the best; At all stages of your partnership with us, we will monitor your campaign to make sure it is doing everything it needs to do to generate a pure return on investment for your business.

We are ready to grow your sales and business.

Customer relationship management is always an ongoing process. Whether you are in B2B, B2C or e-commerce, our consultants are ready to help you streamline your interactions, improve customer experience and grow your business.

More active traffic, more active leads.

Being static is not good for any business or sales funnel. At Motionly Digital, our ActiveCampaign certified consultants develop multiplatform marketing strategies that reach potential customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle – continually nurturing leads, building customer loyalty and increasing sales.

ActiveCampaign consultant FAQs

We answer a few of the more common questions around ActiveCampaign. Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered here? Just call us.

It’s a detailed  email marketing  software and sales tool that offers a highly controlled way to automate your emails and track their performance. So much more than just a CRM tool, ActiveCampaign has over 100,000 users worldwide and helps users stimulate business growth beyond email. 

While perhaps a little less user friendly than other email automation systems, a Motionly Digital ActiveCampaign consultant can help your business use this software with ease. 

As the name suggests, this platform is all about campaigns. An ActiveCampaign agency like ours can show you how to use its features that enable you to design, send, and activate better email marketing campaigns, with live monitoring and lead generation. By working with anspecialist at Motionly Digital, you can use this emerging power in the world of ecommerce to create a bespoke path to success for your business and take your marketing campaigns to the next level.  

This software does have a customer relationship management (CRM) system, but it is so much more than email marketing automation. This integrated platform is made with multi-platform optimisation in mind, and can be used to increase sales and generate leads. 

Efficiently generating, sorting, and working with leads is all about creating strong relationships. As with any relationship, building long-lasting connections can take time. As a well regarded ActiveCampaign agency, Motionly Digital has a team of ActiveCampaign specialists who are proficient at using this tool to deliver fast and ongoing benefits.  

Our ActiveCampaign consultants not only focus on making every communication with your customers feel personal. They’ll go one step further to analyse that customer base to predict behavioural patterns and give valuable insight as more subscribers come on board.

If you’re serious about using marketing automation to the best of its ability then ActiveCampaign is the software for you. Our ActiveCampaign consultants can show you how to use this powerful tool not only to send fewer and more effective emails, but to create an overall stronger relationship with your customer. 

How does Motionly Digital’s ActiveCampaign agency do this? It starts with years of industry experience in understanding the sales funnel at every level. Our ActiveCampaign specialists then take this knowledge and apply it to your marketing strategies within the platform, mapping you a bespoke path to success. 

We’ll set up effective and efficient CRM campaigns that sort data, specify groups of interest and automatically integrate them into marketing workflows. The result? Tags that let you nurture customer interactions to give them the best experience possible. Not to mention improved reach and lead potential to boot. 

When you purchase the software, it will be sent directly to you. You will then need to install it, set up an account, and start creating tags that let you sort your content and customers. If this already sounds about as easy as reading hieroglyphics, don’t worry. That’s what Motionly Digital’s ActiveCampaign consultants are here for. 

Our ActiveCampaign specialists are proficient at the nitty gritty like setting up email lists, cleaning them out and sending out campaigns. We’re also ace at bigger picture things like defining actions based on your business goals and audience. Both are reasons why working with an ActiveCampaign certified consultant is your best bet to getting the most out of this powerful platform. 

If you’re transitioning from another tool, ActiveCampaign does offer to help you migrate for free. But spare yourself the pain and let an ActiveCampaign agency like Motionly Digital do this for you. So you can spend time doing what you do best: taking care of business. 

Yes! As an integrated sales and marketing platform, ActiveCampaign does more than just marketing automation. Within the software, you can also set up landing pages, send SMS or even set up chatbots and manage how Facebook ads are displayed. It’s a powerful multi-platform marketing tool that can help you reach prospects at every stage of the customer lifestyle. 

That being said, it is an advanced software that can take some work getting used to, not to mention regularly maintaining. That’s where our ActiveCampaign certified consultants come in. Let us sweat the behind the scenes stuff like designing your landing page with customisable elements and forms, drawing new subscribers to your email base and working with them from there. 

If you’re not confident with coding, working with Motionly Digital’s ActiveCampaign agency is the least stressful and most successful way to elevate your performance, stat. 

ActiveCampaign lets you create highly personalised tags based on your subscribers. Which is just one way the tool helps you send emails targeted to an individual’s interests. 

Ingenious in its simplicity, there is a way to take the ‘simple’ concept of tagging to the next level. And our ActiveCampaign specialists know-how. With years of experience working as ActiveCampaign certified consultants, Motionly Digital’s team of experts can help you identify specific actions, then name and group them. These actions can then be turned into campaigns that unite social, email, text, content, search and chat based on the specific preferences of those customer groups. All of which will drive growth and elevate your performance. 

Unfortunately, not. ActiveCampaign is paid software – but it’s cheap. The entry-level plan starts at $8 per month and the ‘Plus’ plan can be activated from $40 per month. If these numbers make you think about your bottom line, that’s normal. You’re right to consider how any software will affect and benefit your business at the end of the day. 

A quick consultation with our ActiveCampaign specialists can help you figure out if:

a) this software is right for you, and

b) how to best use it to your advantage.

As an emerging power in the world of ecommerce, we’ve successfully used ActiveCampaign to automate emails, elevate performance, improve social reputation and importantly, increase sales. 

If you ask one of our experts from our ActiveCampaign agency in Ankara and they’ll tell you how to best use even the entry-level features of the tool to customise, analyse, and foster long-lasting leads.

Your ActiveCampaign account is your HQ for emails and CRM. From there, you can get a tracking code to put on your website, and check how the site’s content is performing, plus where conversions are coming in. You can also set up email signatures, campaigns, and tags from here – just be sure to fill out the company details to prove you’re a real, legitimate venture.

With its highly specialised and customisable sorting features, we consider this integrated software to be one of the best. Getting crystal-clear with your audience and intentions is the key to successful marketing – and the software solutions provided under this umbrella art fantastic for doing that. A tool works best when wielded in the right hands – so if you want to make the most of it, it’s best to work with certified experts.

According to many experts (including us), we believe so. The sophisticated systems and sorting features allow you to fine-tune the little details that count, more so than Mailchimp. What’s more, you can then pull the leads and data into the CRM and get a clear picture of your audience, and what kind of experience they’re looking for from you.


Think of your ActiveCampaign account as a centralised hub for all your multi-platform marketing activities. If set up right, your account can be the home base for all your emails, landing pages, SMS, Chatbot, tags and customer interactions. 

Although it’s one of the best tools out there for creating multi-platform marketing strategies that reach prospects at every stage of the customer lifecycle, ActiveCampaign is not the most beginner-friendly tool. But don’t stress yet. Motionly Digital’s ActiveCampaign certified consultants live and breathe this platform. With years of experience using this marketing automation system day in and day out, our ActiveCampaign specialists will set up your account for success. 

From navigating email templates to crafting content and experiences that customers will love, our ActiveCampaign agency is here to help you get it done. Work with us to set up tags, create lists, and streamline your account and elevate performance. 

Short answer? Yes! Long answer? Yes, and how long is a piece of string? As your wingman in business, Motionly Digital makes your marketing automation challenges our responsibility. We have a healthy obsession with your customer and we’re not afraid to admit it. That’s the kind of dedication and passion our ActiveCampaign consultants can bring to your team.

With a blend of marketing know-how and expertise, Motionly Digital’s ActiveCampaign specialists will help you navigate the platform to set you up for success. We’ll empower you to ‘read’ and respond to contacts, automatically. Show you how to send emails targeted to an individual’s interests. And make every communication feel personal. 

If you’d rather spend your precious time doing what you do best, that works for us too. Let our full-service ActiveCampaign agency take care of everything from setting up an account to managing it ongoing. We guarantee to continually nurture leads, build customer loyalty and increase your sales. Just give us a Call. 

Email marketing made simple.

No one said powerful strategies had to be complex. With ActiveCampaign, the entire email process is a breeze. Backed by our experts, it's even easier.

When you choose our ActiveCampaign agency in Ankara, you’re able to take advantage of email marketing experts who know the ins and outs. And that means we’re more than happy to show you what you can expect in way of ROI, before you commit to our solutions.

With a tailored X-Chart ready to go, you can see everything you’ll get from our services, without the smoke and mirrors. And we know there’s no other agency in Turkey a that offers that level of transparency in their sales process.

At the end of the day, that’s what gives us our edge for a flawless customer journey.

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