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Connect, inspire and convert more customers.

Oftentimes, great content goes unnoticed because it's not properly marketed. So you can invest in costly video productions, high-priced talent, or experienced writers, but it can be a costly exercise if your ideal audience isn't aware of its existence. We are so confident that our content strategy in Motionly Digital will turn into your brand, we guarantee it.

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The process behind our content marketing

In just four steps, you can beat your competitors and attract your target audiences with a strong content marketing campaign.

Step 1

first words

As word masters and creators, we live to take action, but we also love to learn what moves your brand first. This knowledge gives us the capacity and understanding to generate traction across direct marketing strategy platforms around the world, from social media networks to blog channels, your own website copy, landing pages and more.

Step 2

But strategy first

In the second step, our successful content marketing agency experts will develop a concrete strategy that takes note of targeted target platforms, people, audiences and keyword research and will use all the data we need to create a realistic roadmap for your business that will generate leads.

Step 3

Get ready, go!

And we're leaving. In this step, we finally engage with our anxious ways and begin to generate engagement for your online presence. From creating high-quality content to creating valuable eBooks and more, we do all the magic here. From then on, all you have to do is watch our content-savvy marketers make waves for your business.

Step 4

Editing and fine tuning

In this step, we will make sure your words are ready to go to market and get your final approval. We will also make any adjustments to your overall strategy and evaluate how it has performed to date. If something needs to change to gain more traction, we'll let you know before starting and performing a swing.

Connect with more people and profit.

"Connecting" with buyers means more than communicating. Our online content marketing strategies ensure that the right content is seen by people ready to buy. The smart way to spend your marketing strategy investment and get a return.

Nurture your audience and bottom line. LET'S GROW

Your content is critical to your success, but too much great content goes unnoticed because it's not marketed properly. Motionly Digital is a leading digital marketing company that can help you understand how your content will be seen by people who want to buy it. Sit the web and pay attention. Pair the content marketing activity with the purchasing phase for real growth. By using the content you have and combining it with proven search and conversion strategies, Motionly Digital helps you engage customers from their first interest to after the sale is closed. Experts at Motionly Digital combine lead generation strategies, marketing automation and retargeting strategies using your content to increase engagement and drive growth.

Content marketing FAQ:

We’ll answer a few of the more common questions around content marketing. Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered here? Just give us a call.

This form of advertising is the practise of sharing creative and strategic content online to establish and promote your business. It can be formatted as a social media post, podcast, webinar, white pages, or blog. And it can live on various platforms, like your website, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, or open news and publishing sites.

Regardless, its goal is the same: to get your audience’s attention and awareness, get them interested in and engaged with your brand, and then ultimately provoke a reaction or action that ultimately supports your business objectives in the long term.

If you’re a forward-thinking business that wants to succeed, then the answer is: always. This form of inbound marketing is integral to every business, no matter if you’re a hospitality business, you sell shoes, or promote shows. 

 a Harvard graduate, entrepreneur, and digital media expert, “most customers don’t start as customers; they start as people looking for information around a general problem.” The job of content marketing is to raise their awareness of that problem and then to offer trustworthy information about possible solutions (but not necessarily branded ones). Finally, in the last stages of customer awareness, when more leads have been nurtured and qualified by the previous stages, content introduces a product—whether that’s a specific eyebrow pencil or a SaaS tool.

Research shows prominent businesses in Turkey and around the world incorporate online content marketing into their marketing strategy, including Apple, QANTAS, Bunnings, Telstra, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and Woolworths. t’s also adopted and executed by small businesses, local businesses, one-person shops, sole traders, hospitality venues, and hobby enthusiasts. They use it because it works.

As a creative content marketing agency in Turkey, we believe quality content should be a key part of your overall advertising mix, not separate. It should be aptly prioritised when it comes time to allocate your marketing strategy budget and schedule. And it should be used in conjunction with other outreach efforts and campaigns, as well as part of your general brand experience and brand maintenance.

This tactic is crucial because it allows your brand to demonstrate that its an authority and can be trusted. This, in turn, elevates trust between you and the consumer, helping you to make connections with your target audience and generate further for the future.

Overall, content marketing improves conversions because it enables you to connect with your customers and build the trust they require to engage with your product or service. While it is more of a long-term strategy that uses a variety of formats of content, its a far more valuable and loyal approach to marketing that audiences naturally engage with of their own accord.

When done right, removing barriers and offering content via marketing will generate leads that turn into conversions. For example, you can offer a discount or incentive in exchange for their email address (known as lead generation).


Yes, content marketing does work and often produces x3 more leads than each dollar you spend. This type of marketing is easy and effective, and the reason it works is that it’s popular with consumers, when it is done right. Our agency has all the right tools to make it an effecting marketing choice for you.

At our agency, we suggest our clients use a variety of tools for content marketing.. These include using videos, infographics, webpages, podcasts, books, apps, presentations and paid ad marketing. Each has its place and creates the awareness of your brand that you have set out to achieve with content marketing.

This format of marketing works by turning visitors into customers by using the right strategies for your brand. Its purpose is to inform your audience, to boost awareness of your brand and to expand your reach to attract leads. Fundamentally, it works by answering your audience’s questions and to keep them informed about your product or service.

There are differences between digital marketing and content marketing, although they do fall under the same umbrella. The differentiation between them is that content marketing creates specific content for engagement with their audience – blogs, social media posts, graphics etc., and digital marketing has a focus on converting followers into sales.

Content marketing in Turkey is imperative to business growth. People spend an average of  a day looking at content. During those 10–11 hours of scrolling through websites, email marketing, news sites, and social feeds, consumers are flooded with messages. Every day, there are literally thousands of labels vying for the attention, time, and dollars of consumers, and it’s becoming harder to stand out in this digital age.

As one of the best content marketing agencies in Turkey, we know that content creation is all about knowing how to communicate with your customers without coming across as too sales cycle-focused or product-heavy, which is an instant deterrent for many consumers.

Content marketing continues to deliver results for businesses and makes substantial improvements that involve consistent and high-quality engagement with your audience. It is mainly effective because it builds trust between your brand and consumers, and due to this generates further leads and improves on conversion rates. Ask our team how!

An X marks the starting spot.

Ready to kick your content creation into gear? You don’t need to know what to write or where to put it so the right people will see it. At Motionly Digital, we’ll take care of creating content, placing, and managing your content for you, so the only place you should start is here. Let’s get started with your free X-Chart.

Our content marketing agency is well aware that guarantees in business are few and far between these days.

An X-Chart is our guaranteed forecast of the results you can expect when you employ our digital marketing services. It doesn’t matter if you need social media marketing or email newsletters, lengthy blogs that utilise SEO content writing, or extensive white papers to showcase your thought leadership.

For some companies, the need to highlight facilities, services, or workmanship makes  video marketing  and YouTube advertising a valuable part of the marketing mix. For others, SEO copywriting ensures the content you put out is not only engaging and likely to convert your viewers, but that they’ll be sure to find this great content in the first place.

And built into every content marketing services at Motionly Digital is our growth objective—yours. We don’t write, design, produce, position, or manage any content that won’t have a positive impact on your bottom line. And we know what works – for any search engine and audience -because we’ve been doing it for our clients for over a decade.

Creating an original, engaging, relevant content strategy that builds relationships and trust in your brand is one of the best things you can do to rank highly with search engines and maintain your presence on their front page. And we know how to do it.

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